What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Oh look, it's broadly a place to talk about special occasions, party tips and to swap present ideas but let's be perfectly honest, this forum is here because I want to get excited about CHRIIIIIISTMAS from about June onwards.

What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby A_W » 13 Apr 2014, 21:02

H's birthday is soon. It's going to be special to make up for the crap one she had last year.

Just wondered what you all got your 6 year olds?
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby blackberrycrimble » 13 Apr 2014, 21:06

We got Fluff a ukulele for her 6th.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Tintin » 13 Apr 2014, 21:09

Frozen dolls - Elsa, Anna and Kristoff! Some other bits and pieces - a colour-by-numbers book, a first piano tunes book, reading books, etc.
Stompy's birthday is 3 weeks later, and she similarly just got small-ish bits and pieces, but soon, we are going to get them a playhouse or swingset for the garden which they know is a joint present that is partly for their birthdays.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Mummyto1 » 13 Apr 2014, 21:11

Mine got Lego, various dinosaur related stuff, knee and elbow pads for his bike-riding and books. But his favourite present was a last-minute impulse buy - a camouflage back pack for him to take on his pretend Dino hunts! I only got it as I was fed up of him filling his school back pack with random exploring items. I will be impulse buying more often in future as he LOVED it.

Not sure much of that helps. One thing he has really enjoyed since Christmas is a magazine subscription.

ETA my 3 year old got a dolls house (of sorts) for her birthday and the six year old thought it was pretty cool.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Pics » 13 Apr 2014, 21:13

A bike helmet, bell, water bottle and something else all to match her bike. it was what she asked for.

Mum got her a Kiddipet - which is a real hit and as far down the elctronic route as i would wich to go.
http://www.amazon.co.uk/VTech-KidiPet-P ... B00AIYNSZC

I would have liked to get her the Lottie doll and horse:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pony-Flag-Race- ... ttie+dolls
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby FestiveTidings » 14 Apr 2014, 10:56

How about a day out somewhere? Wee took Roo to thomas land and he still talks about it now - almost a year later?
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Kanga » 14 Apr 2014, 12:03

My dd is 6 in a couple of months and she has asked for a 2 wheeled scooter, roller skates, a princess glitter globe and a bigger pram for her dolls as she's too tall for the one we've got. I've also got a list of books I think she'll like, longer novel type books that she can grow into hopefully.

I also like the idea of a day out somewhere or some kind of experience like zoo keeper for a day or something.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Fozza » 14 Apr 2014, 21:28

A Bike that year
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby PerpetualMadness » 14 Apr 2014, 21:47

P got a new bike at 6.

I think he and B are getting a slide/climbing frame for their 7th and 4th birthdays respectively.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Binkie » 15 Apr 2014, 11:31

We went to the zoo and stayed in a hotel overnight. Our DD gets loads of stuff from various people so we mainly give outings and experiences as gifts now.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 15 Apr 2014, 23:48

blackberrycrimble wrote:We got Fluff a ukulele for her 6th.

We got DD1 a ukulele for her Christmas, for her birthday she got a maxi micro scooter. She got a bike in the summer last year but that would also be a good present.

I've not bought them yet but really like these Lottie dolls: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_nos ... ottie+doll

Otherwise books, crafty kits, and DVDs seem to be her favourite things.
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Re: What did you get your 6 yr olds?

Postby weasley » 16 Apr 2014, 21:28

Scoot has asked for the same bow and arrow set that one of BC's girls had for Christmas - he saw it on facebook and was smitten ( with both girl and archery set I think :wink: )
Will also get some lego and a few books.
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