Working at Christmas?

Oh look, it's broadly a place to talk about special occasions, party tips and to swap present ideas but let's be perfectly honest, this forum is here because I want to get excited about CHRIIIIIISTMAS from about June onwards.

Working at Christmas?

Postby camper » 23 Dec 2011, 10:19

So who else is working over Christmas? I'm working on Christmas Day this year for the first time since MJ was born. I'm working from 7:30am to 3:30pm, so my plan for the day is to get up early (by 5:30am) so he can open his stocking presents and main present from us before I go to work. I was going to eat breakfast with them, but I don't think there'll be time, and there'll be so much food at work there's no point. So DH and MJ will be feasting on smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in my absence and playing with his new toys until I get back. I'll then cook dinner and we'll open the rest of the presents afterwards before getting on Skype in the evening to talk to the folks in Europe.
How is anyone else managing work and Christmas day? Is it your first since kids or do you do it every year? MJ is quite vocal atm about how much he hates me going to work. I hope his new toys are a good distraction and he doesn't hate me for ruining Christmas by being absent for so much of it :(
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Re: Working at Christmas?

Postby Noir » 23 Dec 2011, 10:26

I'm not (I'm on the bank) but if it makes you feel any better my Mum used to work every other christmas, still does, and I've never hated her for it even though I didn't like her going to work when I was younger. It was always just the way it was.I hope work is ok and you have a lovely afternoon at home.
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Re: Working at Christmas?

Postby RachelS » 23 Dec 2011, 12:22

Hope that Christmas day is quiet. I am not working Christmas day this year but I am working until 2230hrs Christmas eve.
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Re: Working at Christmas?

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 23 Dec 2011, 13:19

I have to go into work for an hour or so on Boxing Day and on the 30th and I've been complaining royally about it. But since the site is shut over Christmas and New Year (they do a lot of the site maintenance over this week) and the heating will be off and I don't get paid extra for it I'm still unhappy.
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