Presents Under The Tree

Oh look, it's broadly a place to talk about special occasions, party tips and to swap present ideas but let's be perfectly honest, this forum is here because I want to get excited about CHRIIIIIISTMAS from about June onwards.

Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby 3KiwiChicks » 22 Dec 2011, 19:00

Well, I put them out yesterday. Its heightened the Christmas excitement in the house which is fun! The children have been great at not touching (thank goodness) and so far so good. :-) Alex is currently racing around the house yelling "two more sleeps till Christmas!!" and Grace is racing around behind him yelling 'Timas! Timas! Timas!"

hehe, its going to be a long couple of days. We are taking them to a park for a picnic today so hopefully that will help blow off some steam.
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby zeddy » 22 Dec 2011, 20:17

I bring them out on Christmas Eve night so they're there in the morning. Kids get one book parcel on their beds in the morning... well my lass will get it next year, I reckon.
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby blackberrycrimble » 22 Dec 2011, 20:19

I was all for leaving it until Xmas eve but bananadad said he thought there should be presents under the tree (alright for him, he isn't here during the day to defend them, I thought) but actually they have been really good - when fluff first saw them she came running to tell me how beautiful they looked, but so far, I don't think they've done too much poking.
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby Riotproof » 22 Dec 2011, 21:37

I don't remember them being there until I was older. Though the IL's have given us presents already since we won't be seeing them Xmas day. Of course, the fact that we will be seeing them Boxing Day didn't factor in.

So far, DS has picked up his.. given it a shake and bang and put it back when asked to. And no, I didn't point them out to him at all.
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby Pics » 22 Dec 2011, 21:44

Stockings only from FChristmas here too - and presents under the tree from friends and family. Growing up they were under the tress from the moment it went up - but that was never more than a week before Christmas.
DH won;t let me put them under as the tree is in full view of the door and thinks the world will come and nick them.......
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby mummybear » 22 Dec 2011, 22:24

In yrs gone by I've not put them under the tree as little hands might get tempted. Last yr they gradually crept out as they got wrapped of given. This yr is the same except T is even keener to read the tags but more careful.

Traditionally the DH and I don't put parcels out just as they are. I am capable of guessing what almost anything is from the outside. So we have gift bags that we put things in and don't peek.

Santa has a giftbag and stocking he left 3 yrs ago and we use that for T's presents from Santa.
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby weasley » 23 Dec 2011, 22:02

I put all the gifts I've wrapped to give other people under the tree as soon as they are wrapped (they've been there a week and a bit now). They then get slowly replaced with ones we've been given. Scoot has been great but Tootles has taken to carrying the odd one around (including a rather heavy beer set for my dad) There are so many under there now. I'm rather horrified with the amount as I thought I hadn't gonr mad with gifts for the boys; I forgot to factor in how many other people buy for them. I've let them open one a night for the last three nights and it's been lovely because they can actually appreciate who they were from as they were not lost in a heap of others.
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Re: Presents Under The Tree

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 24 Dec 2011, 12:48

Weasley, I completely agree. The girl's advent activity for the 24 th is always 'open a present'. DH was a bit horrified I let them open the presents frommy brother and SIL because SIL always gets them good toys but it's been brilliant, they're loving playing with their new toy and are really appreciating it whereas tomorrow it will just be present opening carnage.
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