Trouble-shoot my baby - teething?

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Trouble-shoot my baby - teething?

Postby Treeb » 27 Sep 2015, 19:27

Baby A is generally a very happy and laid back baby, content to spend time hanging out on the floor or in her bouncy seat watching her brother run around, not often frantic to nurse or upset about much of anything.

The past week or so though she has been having periods of extreme upset, crying, refusing to nurse. She will sometimes chomp madly on a binkie or our finger or a toy but often doesn't want that either. Dh sometimes seems to have the magic touch and can get her to calm down for a while, but she isn't really happy just not-crying. This has mostly been in the evenings and so I figured it was related to being over tired but today she has been doing it for much of the morning as well. If it is tiredness it becomes a vicious cycle because she refuses to nurse but nursing is her way of getting to sleep so then she just gets even more tired and cranky.

She's been showing some teething signs - drooling and chewing on anything she can get her hands on, but I know that can go on for months before a tooth actually comes in (L was similar at this age but didn't get a tooth until he was 7 months.) I can't see any sign of an actual tooth coming yet. We've tried giving her Tylenol, which she mostly drooled back out without swallowing, and teething gel which didn't seem to do anything.

She's always been very burpy and spit-uppy, but it doesn't seem related to that as far as I can tell. She doesn't usually seem bothered by the spit up. She's also transitioned to only having a poo every 4 days or so and has been very gassy, and I'm partially wondering if the gas is bothering her.

Mostly I just want my happy baby back, so wondering if anyone has any ideas? My go-to cure for anything is nursing, but when she's like this she refuses to even try to latch on and just starts screaming/crying instead.

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Re: Trouble-shoot my baby - teething?

Postby mamapup » 27 Sep 2015, 19:33

Hugs. It's especially confusing when number two doesn't have the decency to follow number one's pattern. We had that problem too: late teather followed by early teether.

With the puppy we had to let him have his sobbing sessions and just sit there telling him we were there when he wanted a hug. If we tried to hug him he'd push us away.

I guess A is smaller so that won't work. Enforced hugs and singing a song that's special to her? That works with little Croc when anything is wrong.

Sorry it's so hard.
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Re: Trouble-shoot my baby - teething?

Postby Lily » 28 Sep 2015, 16:49

Drooling and chewing at that stage aren't necessarily anything to do with teething - they just don't have the reflex to move saliva to the back of the mouths yet, and chewing is a way to learn about objects.

You have my full sympathy, Bee cries way more than Izbiz ever did. He was just a very calm baby and she's more emotional, positive as well as negative. Putting her in the sling usually helps her chill out - have you tried that?
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