Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Second babies? Forgotten everything about breast and formula, napping and wrapping and you are are going a bit MAD because you haven't slept in three days? Or it's your first baby and you are here researching the joys of weaning?

Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby yorkshirepudding » 10 Jul 2015, 21:47

My laptop cable has broken and I was waiting for my OH to fix it but that may take a while so I'll have to get used to typing on the iPad!

Still can't quite believe I gave birth 3 weeks ago! Baby E was nearly 3 weeks early so I really wasn't expecting it that day, I took Moo for a picnic with a friend about 40 mins drive away which I certainly wouldn't have done if I'd known! I had uncomfortable Brixton hicks all day but thought they were just that. By the time we got home about 3pm all I wanted to do was collapse on the sofa but that's quite normal anyway. OH and his dad got home from work about 6pm and it was getting a bit more uncomfortable. I think by that point I kind of knew something was happening but didn't want to say it out loud. I suggested to my fil that he helped with bath time which we'd been saying he should do for ages in case he had Moo all day when we were in hospital, but he went food shopping . I said " I'll try not to have a baby tonight then!"

Whilst he was out I quickly felt more uncomfortable, and by the time Moo was in the bath about 7.30, I was in my hands and knees, and admitted this was probably it! Unfortunately I hadn't actually finished packing my hospital bag so in between contractions I was rushing around finding things I needed. Did quite well actually!

Managed to say proper goodnight to Moo which I was tearing up about as we were about to rock his world. Then we had the great idea that OH should walk the dog before we went. His dad came home and I was still ok to talk to him, but then I thought I'd either wet myself or my waters had gone, but it was actually loads of blood, which terrified me. So I was then stuck on the downstairs loo feeling like something was really wrong, wishing oh would just get home. When he did I shouted him to hurry up, and he decided to feed the dog first! Got him to ring the hospital as contractions were about every 3 mins by this point, but he kept getting cut off cos of our rubbish signal. They decided it was probably just a very heavy show so didn't need an ambulance, so we got in the car (the drive to hospital made me think 2 is definitely enough children!) got there about 9.40pm. I remember stopping for a contraction on my hands and knees in the foyer, hope I didn't scare anyone too much! I was managing to breathe ok through the contractions, it really helped to have OH count whilst they were going on so I had an idea of when the peak was and how much longer it would go on, I'd asked him to do that in advance as I remembered it helping when I had Moo.

When we got on the midwife led unit we met our lovely midwife, I thought she was going to ask me to lie on the bed which I did NOT want to do, to examine me, but she could see I was quite far on and just started filling up the pool and did blood pressure etc. Oh carried on counting me through the contractions, and rubbing my back, and I started the gas and air. That helped me be able to talk to the midwife more about what I needed her to do, specifically talk me through pushing out the head and then not pushing too much, which I think I did with Moo.

I was getting a bit stressed with the contractions, but the midwife and her student were ace at giving me encouragement and updates, and my oh was great too. Quite quickly I needed to push but I felt like I knew more what to do than with Moo, with him I just pushed and pushed, wanted it out NOW, but I was able to do long but gentle pushes and could feel the difference. Felt my waters go and managed to say 'pop' to tell the mw as she'd just asked me if they had already gone. She was brilliant at talking me through the crowning bit, and my oh reminded me to actually use the gas and air. In between contractions I was actually laughing at the ridiculous noises the tube makes when you have it underwater! I was glad I couldn't feel the head slipping back, and when it was out I got to reach down and feel a very hairy head! The mw got my Oh to see the head sticking out too. Then it felt relatively easy to push the body out, and I got to lift my gorgeous baby out of the water and find out she was a she! We were convinced it was a boy so that was a surprise. We got to the hospital about 9.40 and she was born at 10.17.

They wanted to cut the cord sooner than I would have liked as I'd lost quite a lot of blood (didn't notice I was in a blood bath until after the birth!) and they wanted me out of the pool. But then it all went a bit mad as our baby had gone blue and floppy whilst I was holding her (I feel I really should have realised) and the mw calmly asked the student to do the emergency buzzer. Suddenly lots of resuss people in the room, but they kept us calm. Her agar score went from 9 to 1 to 8 in about 8 minutes. She just needed breaths, and luckily was ok after that. In the meantime the mw got me out the pool and I had a natural 3rd stage by blowing on my arm like I wanted to do a raspberry (anyone else been told to do that?). Then she fed like a pro, and we gazed at our perfect girl.

Eventually did the checks, she was 6lb exactly. We were lucky and got to stay in the room on the MLU all night. But because of her needing resuss she had obs every 2 hrs so not a lot of sleep was had. Oh went home at about 2am so he could be there when Moo woke up, and they came in the next morning. Unfortunately they arrived when the Dr was in the room so moo burst in to say hello then was all unsure because of strangers in the room. He had a great time playing with the birthing ball. We had to stay in quite a while waiting for things to be sorted for checks and antibiotics relating to her renal problem picked up the day before at a growth scan, but finally got home about 4pm.

Baby E is now 3 weeks old, and quickly getting her brothers chubby cheeks. Birth seems a long time ago now and lucklily I've recovered quickly, and Moo seems to quite like her :)
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby mamapup » 10 Jul 2015, 21:54

Wow, what a story. Congratulations on your perfect girl. Enjoy. Xx
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby Cofa's Tree » 11 Jul 2015, 06:33

Wow, well done you for staying so in control throughout it all and knowing what you wanted to do. So glad it all went ok (barring the floppiness part) and have some more congratulations!

Welcome to the world Baby E x
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby Treeb » 11 Jul 2015, 11:52

Congratulations! (And I'm impressed that you typed all that on the iPad!)
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby Kanga » 11 Jul 2015, 14:09

Wow and congratulations. Have to admit I had a chuckle at the thought of you packing your bag in between contractions!!
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby Lily » 11 Jul 2015, 18:33

Wow, well done yp!
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 11 Jul 2015, 21:16


Lovely birth story - thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your new baby snuggles xxx
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby mindy » 11 Jul 2015, 23:01

YP, that's an amazing story - fantastic that you managed to get in the water so quickly when you had such a short gap between arriving and delivering! It all sounds incredibly scary with the floppy episode, what a relief she recovered so quickly.

Big congratulations to you all, enjoy your beautiful new girl x x
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby yorkshirepudding » 12 Jul 2015, 01:17

Thanks all :) yeah, I'm slightly confused by the timings but I remember looking at the car clock when we got in at 9.18 and it's about a 15 min drive ao I don't know how I had time to get in the pool!
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby EnigmaFish » 16 Jul 2015, 22:43

What a great story! Congratulations!
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby sabrina fair » 17 Jul 2015, 06:52

Wonderful story - congratulations!
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Re: Birth story from 3 weeks ago!

Postby DandelionFrosting » 17 Jul 2015, 14:57

Wow, congratulations! And well done! I'm so glad it all turned out okay and you're all well and happy now. You must have nerves of steel, keeping everything normal and waiting so long to leave for the hospital! Congratulations and welcome, Baby E. :D
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