How to tell when baby is ready for BLW?

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How to tell when baby is ready for BLW?

Postby clairehendo89 » 27 Apr 2015, 22:32

Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right place, sorry if I'm not I'm new here and a little confused.
From what I've read some of the ways to tell your baby is ready is when they don't push a spoon etc out of their mouth with their tongue. But I've not had a reason to put a spoon in my daughters mouth so how will I know when she has stopped doing it?
Another one is trying to grab food from your plate but my daughter isn't in reach of our plates when we are eating so once again how will I know? She does watch me while I'm eating but she watches everything I do so I don't really feel that I can count that as a sign she may be ready soon.
I just want to add that my daughter is only 20 weeks old, is 6 weeks today until she is six months, I definitely don't feel she is ready yet and I am in no hurry to feed her I just want to know what I am looking for.
Sorry if the answers are really obvious and I've missed them.
Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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Re: How to tell when baby is ready for BLW?

Postby Cofa's Tree » 28 Apr 2015, 06:20

Hi Claire, and welcome!

I've not heard of the spoon one before, maybe it's come from purée weaning methods, so I'm not sure it would be applicable here? The main signs you are looking for is that they can sit up unaided and can hold/move their head freely whilst sitting up (so that if they have food in their mouths, they are able to move it out if they want...or surprise you and swallow it!).

Trying to grab your food and intently watching you eat (rather than just generally watching you) seems to be another sign, but I can't remember my son trying to do that (but then he was a slow taker to food and it was nearer the year mark before he 'got it'). So I'd say, if she's not desperate to eat your food yet, see how she's doing at six months, check she can sit up ok in a high chair/on your lap/however you are planning on feeding her and then give it a go...good luck!
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Re: How to tell when baby is ready for BLW?

Postby RedRum » 29 Apr 2015, 13:51


I think the spoon thing is referring to the tongue thrust reflex. Basically if your baby still has the reflex to push foreign objects out of their mouths she's not ready for solid food - doesn't have to relate specifically to spoons!

Other signs of readiness are sitting with little or no support, reaching out and grabbing effectively and taking objects to the mouth accurately.

I found it reassuring to think that when a baby is feeding themselves then if they're not ready they wouldn't eat anything if you see what I mean. So even if you put food in front of her, if she's not ready to eat she won't eat.... does that make sense?
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