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4.5-month old with intense interest in food

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2015, 13:43
by IowaHoodlum
Hi all,

I am new and glad to find this forum. I have a question I am hoping for some help on. My 4.5-month-old is showing intense interest in food. He grabs onto my plates and bowls with a vice grip and stares at the food...I feel like the food might burst into flame from the intensity of his gaze. He's quite good at bringing his toys and my fingers (and nose and chin) to his mouth, and he munches happily on all of the above. He can sit up when supported lightly, too. I'm currently reading the Rapley book as fast as I can, as I hadn't been planning to give the baby anything but breast milk for the first 6 months, but it's hard to say no to such intense curiosity. My question is whether it is ever appropriate to start BLW before 6 months? If so, what are the reasons? Does my baby fall into the "ready" category?


Re: 4.5-month old with intense interest in food

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2015, 14:14
by Lily
Plenty of people on here have started early, with no ill effects - every baby develops at a different pace, so they won't all be ready on the dot of 6 months.

The main reason they must be sitting strongly is so that they can get food out of their mouth if they need to. Basically, he will need to be able to lean forward in his high chair and spit something out without toppling over. If he's not yet capable of that, then there's an increased risk of choking. If he's able to sit consistently, even if he needs a rolled up towel or whatever to pad out the chair around his lower back, that's fine - but if you have to be there to hold him up, or he can only sit for a short while before falling, then you need to try and wait a bit longer.

Remember, at this age he's just interested in the world around him. He doesn't know what food is, or why you eat - it's just another thing for him to watch. So you might well be able to distract him by giving him a spoon and bowl to play with at mealtimes, rather than rushing to give him food.

Re: 4.5-month old with intense interest in food

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2015, 17:39
by mamapup
I have two early starters but they were both sitting really well at four months too so I wasn't worried about starting early.

I think some kids do just 'get' the concept of food. My little Croc did. She was grabbing and trying to eat from about three months and getting really upset when we took food away. By the time she successfully got food without us taking it away she knew exactly what to do with it. She started at 4.5 months and has never looked back. I was also determined to wait until six months but she had other plans.

Just be careful with what you ooffer if you do decide to start early. There may be a longer period of gagging than there would be closer to six months but only time will show what is or isn't possible.

Re: 4.5-month old with intense interest in food

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2015, 19:23
by Treeb
My lo started showing a lot of interest at that age too. He was sitting quite well without support, but we decided to hold him off until he reached 5 months. He did start out actually eating food right from the start, although not very much of it for a long time and we never had an especially gaggy phase so I think they're all just different. If he can be distracted with a bowl/spoon/cup/whatever to play with for another couple weeks it may give him just enough time to really strengthen his sitting, but of course you are the expert on your child and if he seems ready to you you could go ahead and give him something to try!