Sleep at 8 weeks

Second babies? Forgotten everything about breast and formula, napping and wrapping and you are are going a bit MAD because you haven't slept in three days? Or it's your first baby and you are here researching the joys of weaning?

Sleep at 8 weeks

Postby Kanga » 21 Dec 2014, 16:32

I know there's probably not a lot I can do but ds is sleeping a lot in the day at the mo & the last 2 evenings has been really awake & not settling till 11 or 12. Like I say, at this age I dot suppose I can keep him awake during the day, he'll just be grumpy. How much were yours sleeping at this age?

He also wants me all the time, although if he's happy will tolerate a bit of time smiling at dh now. He naps in the wrap as he sleeps longer/it's easier/he doesn't like being put down. I remember ds1 sleeping in the wrap a lot & eventually figured out napping elsewhere so for now I'm going with it, especially as I have so much to do to get ready for Christmas.

Trouble is I'm already feeling touched out & he's so little. I know his feeds will become less frequent and hopefully he'll sleep better (ish) at night and I have to keep remindin myself he's tiny, but I'd forgotten how hard work it is I think!!
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Re: Sleep at 8 weeks

Postby mamapup » 21 Dec 2014, 19:12

I remember thinking little Croc was more nocturnal than the puppy had been and I think we pushed her in to a bedtime at around seven or eight weeks. I think this meant bath and bed at 6.30 and then up for a long feed at 10 and then sleeping until next feed. I just clicked with both that they were actually sleeping suddenly.

During the day little Croc was doing two hrs in morning and then an hour after lunch and maybe another thirty mins at 4.30 or so I think. She's only just changing from this routine now so I'm pretty sure I'm right. She never wanted to sleep anywhere except alone from very early though so we had it pretty easy with her, I think.
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Re: Sleep at 8 weeks

Postby rodmayroar » 12 Mar 2015, 04:25

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