Is 5 months too early to BLW

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Is 5 months too early to BLW

Postby alainamazing » 17 Oct 2013, 17:39

My babe Grey just turned 5 months and basically stares me down like he's trying to mind control foodie into his mouth. I've put a little taste on the tip of my finger for him to try food and he loves it! Is it still too early to try some BLW? And if it's not too early, what should be the first thing to try?

P.S. He is putting anything and everything in his mouth. He still needs some help sitting up though.
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Re: Is 5 months too early to BLW

Postby Lily » 17 Oct 2013, 18:36

There are a few questions you need to ask to decide if he's ready.

First - can he sit up strongly in his high chair? He needs to be able to sit straight and lean forward so that he can safely get rid of food from his mouth if he needs to - if he's not yet sitting well, then there's more risk he may choke.

Second - does he pick things up and bring them to his mouth? BLW involves letting him explore and choose his own food, so he's unlikely to get very far until he's mouthing objects.

Thirdly - is his gut developed enough to cope with solids? Obviously this is impossible to tell from the outside, and you might feel like he's raring to go and you're ready to give it a try, but if you want to err on the side of caution then it certainly won't do him any harm to stick to milk until 6 months.

When you decide he's ready, you'll find lots of good ideas in the Getting Started section of the website (there's a link at the top of the page).
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