FF and dropping bottles??

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FF and dropping bottles??

Postby Ciaraella » 22 Oct 2012, 10:54

Hi all,

DD was one last week. She'd FF and we're doing BLW.
She loves her food but she can be a bit hit and miss with it, some days eats loads, other days she might pick at it and throw it around.
She likes cow's milk, we've tried her with it in her cup with meals so i'm happy that it agrees with her.

What i'm wondering really is how to drop bottles/move to cow's milk while ensuring she's still eating enough.
She's on 4 x 5oz bottles a day (would leave at ounce or two at times) but because of the blw her food intake is less certain.

I don't know whether to replace a bottle at a time, reduce bottles overall ie reduce them all to 4oz then 3oz over a couple of weeks, or make them all half formula, half cow's milk.

She's bang on average weight wise (had one year check last week) so i'm not really worried about under feeding her.

Any help/advice much appreciated!
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Re: FF and dropping bottles??

Postby Aggie » 22 Oct 2012, 18:41

IIRC we just went straight to cows milk without any mixing. We knew he liked it on cereal already so assumed he'd be ok drinking it. WRT dropping bottles I think it became obvious which to drop as he drank less & less. Sorry I'm not much help!
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Re: FF and dropping bottles??

Postby babydsmummy » 22 Oct 2012, 19:31

We were similar really. We dropped the mid morning and afternoon bottles earlier with both boys because they weren't drinking much. D then had cows milk or water in a beakerwith a snack, J has his Infatrini in a beaker with a snack. At 12 months we just stopped the morning bottle with both of them and they had milk/formula in a beaker with breakfast. Neither was bothered. D stopped his bedtime bottle at 13 months and had supper instead - we instigated it but he wasn't concerned. J still has his bedtime bottle of Infatrini for the sake of the extra calories. I think its one of those things you can overthink - I certainly did with D! It'll be fine, I don't think you need to do it too gradually.
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Re: FF and dropping bottles??

Postby Ciaraella » 23 Oct 2012, 09:51

Thanks for replies,
babydsmummy i think you could be right, i think i'm overthinking it!
I'm probably a bit edgy about it cause DD doesn't seem to build up to looking for a bottle iykwim, she'll just all of a sudden flip the lid if she's hungry and i'm a bit afraid of being caught in a situation where she's going mental cause she's hungry.
We're starting today with 3 rather than 4 bottles so will see how it goes, MIL is minding her and is going to try lunch at 12.30 then bottle at one, hopefully she won't really be interested and we might get into a food rather than bottle preference, that's what i'm hoping anyway!
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Re: FF and dropping bottles??

Postby roosttylor » 31 Mar 2015, 07:33

Had to go up to the clinic today to get Peanut weighed and measured for his 8 week check before his jabs on thurs. To begin with the HV seemed confused that I understood how to lay a baby on the length measuring thing (I had to measure Munchkin at least every 3 weeks for nearly a year as she very rarely put on weight but grew upwards lots). When she'd plotted everything on the charts she came over to me looking worried. She then showed me his plot explaining he'd dropped down the centiles (from 50th to just below 25th). She seemed really surprised when I said that wasn't surprising, I've been expecting it, hes only been on 50th because of his extra growth pre birth. Hes now on a similar track to his brother which seems much more logical to me. I don't think she could compute a woman not wanting a 'chubby' or average baby. (3lbs in 8 weeks is good in my world)

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