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Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 17:12
by Marrow
I start a new job in a month's time. It's a 2.5km ish relatively flat walk past a big park.

I have never in my life been for a run.

I am contemplating doing couch 2 5k to and from work. Is that realistic?

My plan would be cycle to work on Monday, leave everything on my desk and run/walk home, then run/walk in on Tuesday. Day off Weds, then repeat cycling/running/walking on Thurs/Fri.

Am I insane? How often am I likely to be rained off (given that I need to either walk or cycle to/from work anyway)?

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 17:48
by Turtle'sMammy
If I were you, I'd do it after work. Cycle to work. Then afterwards run. It'll take a while to get to the full 5k. So, once you get halfway through (time wise), turn around and run back to pick up your bike.
I sweat like a small ass when I run, so running to work wouldn't work for me.

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 18:12
by Marrow
We have showers etc if that makes a difference? And I sit at a desk - no need to look particularly presentable.

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 19:11
by mamapup
I used to run a lot and I always hated running to work. Showers were gross and it never felt right. I also never need to look smart but bunging all my clean clothes in a tiny rucksack was just horrid too. Running home is fab as you can get in, storm straight to kitchen, guzzle and only shower when you can be bothered! It was such an amazing feeling to run hom. For me it ran off all my stresses and meant I got home fresh and clean to enjoy my evening.

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 19:12
by mamapup
I just stupidly used the kroom word. Will I ever learn? My response will come when some nice mod takes pity on a brain addled me. Sorry.

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 19:47
by Marrow
OK, so consensus is don't run to work. My work clothes will be bunged in a bag anyway (on bike), and I don't need to bring any of them home on foot - they can wait for the next bike run. I don't especially want to be cycling on fairly busy roads when I'm exhausted from running, so I don't think picking my bike up after running is going to work.

How about
Mon/Thurs: cycle in, run* home
Tues/Fri: walk in, cycle home
And try to fit something in exercise-wise on Wednesday.

Is that more realistic?

*by which I mean stagger, obviously

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 20:25
by qbm
I started c25k last week! Actually, I started it in October, wore poor trainers, got injured and then took ages about going to a proper running shop... Anyway, I'd never run before but I love it! Your exercise plan sounds pretty good too.

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 20:31
by Feefielou
Just wanted to chime in to agree with the general sentiment that running home is nicer than running to work. And to give you huge props for taking on the challenge. I took up running 6 years ago and am now addicted. I hope you love it too!

As for getting rained off-- I know when you are just starting out it is easy to look out of the window and think uuuurgh, it's cold and wet and windy, and not go. But eventually you can try and get into the mindset that it doesn't matter if you get wet, you're planning to get wet in the shower afterwards anyway, right? You'll almost never regret it when you do make yourself go for that run in spite of the weather, but you will regret it if you skip it.

Your plan sounds realistic. Go for it!

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 20:37
by Marrow
I'm feeling very positive!

Feefielou, I am inclined to agree about the getting wet thing. Especially as I will have to get a bit wet on my way to/from work anyway - I guess the question is how much worse are squelchy trainers and sodden clothes than squelchy shoes sticking out the bottom of my waterproofs and a wet head!

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 20:59
by qbm
I got hailed on and snowed on on Sunday and I *still* enjoyed it!

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 21:05
by Treeb
I agree with the others that doing a full run to get to work does not sound the nicest.

However, since you will be walking or biking anyway you will probably be arriving a bit warm and sweaty most days anyway. And, the c25k program starts off pretty light with a lot of walking and just a bit of running mixed in. Depending on your starting fitness level, you might find at first that you don't end up any more tired or sweaty than on a normal walking or biking day. So I say, give it a one week trial of going in the morning and see how you get on with it! At the worst you can then just change your running schedule the next week if you don't like it.

I really enjoyed c25k. I did it last summer, though I didn't quite finish the program due to combination of getting sick, hurting my ankle, and dh suddenly having a super busy work schedule. I'm hoping I can find time to give it another try once baby number two arrives and I'm all recovered and settled into life with two little ones.

Re: Running (c25k)

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2015, 21:18
by Marrow
Starting fitness level is capable of running the five mins to nursery (but only just!). I live up a hill, which I walk and cycle up all the time. My Fitbit step target is 10k, which I make most days (or, at least, my seven day average is over 70k), and I regularly get >50 flights of stairs. So I'm not completely sedentary, but not terribly fit either.

Yes, I do turn up a bit red in the face - esp as last little bit is steep uphill. Not so bad when walking, but there's only so slowly you can go on a six-speed bike.

Glad to hear people enjoyed it too. Sport/exercise has never really held that sort of attraction for me, I have to say! But having started losing weight (again), I'd like to get fit too.