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Hypermobility and the gym -advice needed

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2014, 08:24
by Morlyte
So my hips have been really playing me up lately to the point that if I have been siting for longer than 5 minutes, I walk like a cowboy when I stand and am in horrible pain in my hips. The physio said they need strengthening but her exercises don't seem to be helping and I joined the gym on her advice. The PT there gave me 12 minute exercises to do on the bike, stair climber, cross trainer, arm bike and treadmill (walking not running). I have done it four times in a week and some swimming too and my hips are 100% worse. If I sit for a minute they are stiff as anything, they have a constant dull ache and I'm pretty much in pain with them all of the time.

The PT is a Level 5 trainer and he was recommended because of his vast experience and he said I need to do these things to shed the fat before moving on to other strengthening exercises. I am really enjoying it but hating the pain. It isn't a muscle strengthening pain either, it is definitely the hypermobility ache and I don't know what to do really. I'm going to the gym today to see if I can spot the PT and have a word and will call my physio on Tuesday, maybe it is just my hips building up strength but it just doesn't feel 'right'.

Does anyone else with this have any experience? I am desperate to shed my flab as I have soared from a 12/14 to a 18 in less than a year, thanks to the bloody pill so this was just the boost I needed but not sure it's worth the pain. :(

Re: Hypermobility and the gym -advice needed

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2014, 08:53
by issi
I'm not an expert but that sounds the wrong way round to me - I would've thought you should strengthen first. I go to pilates every week and it has done wonders for strengthening my hips. The class is run by a physio - is there anything like that near you?

Re: Hypermobility and the gym -advice needed

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2014, 09:12
by Morlyte
Yes, they have pilates at the gym, maybe I will give it a go. Unfortunately the sessions at the physio centre are all during the week on a morning so can't attend those. :(