How do I find my get-up-and-go? Warning: long story below

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Re: How do I find my get-up-and-go? Warning: long story belo

Postby mindy » 24 Feb 2014, 10:16

LL, I really feel for you. What an incredibly hard few years - and how amazing that C is everything you hoped she would be after all the heartache. There has been some excellent advice posted here, and as Shye says, you need to find a way through that works for you. Also making sure it is small steps that you can keep up long-term rather than unrealistic aims - the weight has taken a good while to go on, it won't come off in a hurry, but lots of people here have posted about how activity has made them feel better in themselves, so there are lots of additional benefits to getting out more.

I think a lot of it is about getting your head in the right place (easier said than done). You are already more than half way there, just by putting all this into words, and you definitely sound like you are ready to tackle something now. Walking with the buggy for the sake of it is BORING, but if you can motivate yourself to think of it as '20 minutes of health walking' or set yourself some sort of target (e.g. how quickly can I get to the park and back....) then suddenly you might feel like there is more benefit to going out. I hated walking for the sake of walking too, so joined a Buggyfit class for a while (felt like a bit of a berk doing exercises with others in the open air, but always felt better afterwards) and I also tagged along with some local council-run 'health walks' with the girls in their buggy. Most of the others were much older people, but they were always really friendly, and I found the structure of having to be somewhere at a certain time more motivating than just walking alone (too many things to procrastinate with on your own!).

Sorry, am probably waffling now, just wanted to say we are all here, and we have been there too. Lots of luck xx
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Re: How do I find my get-up-and-go? Warning: long story belo

Postby LucyLastic » 24 Feb 2014, 19:36

Thanks everyone for all of the replies, words of wisdom and hugs.
I was in Canterbury from Nov '12 to Nov '13 and now live in the Weald, not far from Tenterden. It's rural but on a main road so even if I want to go out with C in the pushchair, I have to get in the car and drive somewhere first. Not that that should stop me doing it, but it's just more hassle and a half hour brisk walk with the pushchair turns into a most-of-the-afternoon activity with getting ready, getting in the car, driving, finding somewhere to park, the pushchair rigmarole, and then getting back again. I did it more frequently when I was in C'bury as parking is easy (albeit pricey) in town or I went to Herne Bay or Whitstable and wandered along the sea front.
Funnily enough, the only toddler group I did go to was in Wincheap, even though I was living at the other side of town, as it was for French speakers (am not French but lived there for several years). They were all pleasant enough but just chatted to each other and it was difficult to join in - I just felt rude, like I was eavesdropping. I have emailed a couple of groups around here but have heard nothing back.
Thanks for all of the encouragement and advice, all of it sensible and much appreciated.
C will be 2 in May and our lifestyle has been fine up until now, but I know she needs more socialisation - she loves other children and babies and I'm keen for her to learn from them too (although a lot less keen on all the bugs they generously share - I was ill for 5 weeks at the beginning of the year with double ear infection and two consecutive chest infections. Thanks, C's snotty nosed cousins! That hasn't helped with the get up and go, more like get up and go back to bed immediately...)
So. Eat less. Eat better. My Fitness Pal. Move more. Persist with toddler groups. C25k (ha!) Give the meaningless walks purpose. Find grown ups to talk to.
Thank you xxx
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