Brand new Medela Swing breast pump for sale

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Brand new Medela Swing breast pump for sale

Postby sabrina fair » 04 Dec 2014, 13:15

I've got a single, electric Medela Swing breast pump for sale. I bought it for £100 and opened the box intending to put it all in the steriliser and do pumping and get the baby on the bottle and have some freedom, etc. Then he went onto medication that I had to trickle into his mouth 3 times a day and I just couldn't face the thought of trying to get him to take a bottle so it all went back into the box and the cupboard with nothing done to it at all.

So, is anyone interested? I'd be happy to sell it for £60 plus postage to a forummer. If you need it to be after Christmas, that's fine - I'm just listing because I'm thinking about it now.
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