FFP: babasling

We're all in this together, remember, so while the world is collapsing around our ears it might be nice to have a place to talk about new-found frugalities and old-fashioned eco-living. And mooncups.

FFP: babasling

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 20 Sep 2014, 19:15

Going to take to a charity shop but thought i'd give first refusal here - basic black Babasling with instructions - PM if you want it :) .

ETA: meant to say, never really been used, bought it for Wriggles but we both didn't get on with it so didn't try with Baby Girl.
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Re: FFP: babasling

Postby Kanga » 21 Sep 2014, 14:14

Tried to pm you last night but it's still sitting in my outbox.
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