FFP- age 2-3 yr Dora pants

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FFP- age 2-3 yr Dora pants

Postby pimento » 15 Dec 2013, 07:43

18 pairs of a mixture of used pink, red, white and blue Dora the Explorer pants aged 2-3 FFP to a good home.
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Re: FFP- age 2-3 yr Dora pants

Postby Phanie » 08 Apr 2016, 07:44

Hello still available? if yes, you can also ad/post this to tykemart.com. Registered and sell your many kids stuff.

Thank you!
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Re: FFP- age 2-3 yr Dora pants

Postby StJuniper » 09 Apr 2016, 11:56

She kept these in storage for 3 years waiting for this moment...
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