Wraps for sale

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Wraps for sale

Postby Mummyto1 » 10 Mar 2013, 09:05

I'm going to sell these on FSOT on naturalmamas soon, but I thought I would see if anyone here is interested first. I can email some pictures to anyone who is interested. These aren't dirt cheap wraps I'm afraid but the prices are a lot less than I paid and I have put them cheaper on here than I will on NMs, as I'd be very happy if they went to weaners :)

Didymos Lisca Rosso Size 7 - £70 - this wrap is brand new and gorgeously soft straight from the box. I haven't used it as I found a different colour lisca soon after and I really don't need two! It is a warm autumn-y red colour with a subtle herringbone-type pattern. Most suitable for newborn to 18 months I would say, though I have tried it with my 2 year old and it was cushy and soft on my shoulders. It's very easy to wrap with.

Didymos Rosalind Size 4 - £60 - Lovely two sided wrap, plain pale grey soft cotton on one side and light dusky pink linen on the other. Great for all ages including heavy toddlers as it is very sturdy. Perfect for rucksack carries.

Didymos Keisel Indio Size 7 - £70 - A grey/green all cotton indio. It is very broken in and easy to wrap with. Indios are very classic wraps and the colour goes with everything! Would suit all ages - it's a medium thickness.

Didymos Saffron-Honey Nino Size 6 - £95 - This is a higher price as it is deemed a hard-to-find wrap as it is an older limited edition didymos wrap (but I'm embarrassed to say I paid a lot more than this a year or two ago!) It is a wool cotton blend and has been one of my very favourite wraps as it is just so lovely to wrap with. It is soft and smooth, very supportive and just glides into place. As it is wool it has a little bounce which makes carrying even heavy big kids really comfy. It is a warm red on one side and a sort of golden-orange on the other, with the didymos nino pattern which is a motif of a mother and baby.

PM me if you are interested :D
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