FS Grobags 6-18 months

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FS Grobags 6-18 months

Postby difdif » 28 Jan 2013, 15:53

I am just tidying up some baby stuff for sale but not sure I have enough for a NCT sale or similar.
Would anyone be interested in Grobags? I can send photos..

They are all original Grobags in size 6-18 months and in good condition except for small tear in the truck one.

Blue stripe truck: 2.5 tog, small tear under one arm, £4
Beige organic baby (unisex): 2.5 tog, £6
Bubbles multicoloured (unisex): Travel version (with the gaps for car seat straps in the back), 2.5 tog, £6
White/ blue with multiple tractors: 1 tog, £6
Light blue with panda: 1 tog, £6

+ postage. Should be less than £2.50 as they are not heavy.
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