FS -brand new ikea leksvik extandable bed and mattress

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FS -brand new ikea leksvik extandable bed and mattress

Postby tigeywigey » 27 Jan 2013, 12:53

Hi ya,

I have a brand new boxed ikea leksvik extandable bed and mattress (it's this one http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40155085/ - the mattress packaging has been opened to enable transporting it in the car but it's never been used) for sale if anyone is interested. It's solid wood, antique pine colour, 3 length setting, nice and comfy. We bought it for £120 and the mattress for it for £80.

The story behind a boxed bed is that N has one of those and we wanted a matching one for L so got it whilst Ikea was still stocking them (they seem to have discontinued them now). But since our Oops has happened and we'll be needing bunk beds in the future so the unopened bed has been taking up room under our bed for a while now. So I thought maybe someone on here would be interested.

I can send pictures of the one N slept in (in L's possesion now :)) if anyone is interested. Would like around £165 or there about for the set. Dh said he would be willing to drop it off if the destination was within 15 miles from us.

ETA to include the link to the mattress.
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