Reparing Jeans and Docs

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Reparing Jeans and Docs

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 22 Oct 2010, 18:37

Oooh. I've been thinking about this one for a while, and couldn't decide whether to put it in Random Thoughts or Crafternet, but it fits perfectly in here!

I have two items which need repair:

1) Jeans. Hole in the knee. Caused by chasing TheWriggler round on the floor too much (or maybe just the right amount ;-) ). They're nice comfy "boyfriend" jeans so the denim is quite thin and soft. I do have some sew-on patches but a) they're black and the jeans are blue and b) I think they'll be too rigid in compairson with the fabric. I'm not particularly attached to them but we can't really afford me to buy a new pair and since it's "only" the knee it should be simple to fix.

2) My beautiful purple snakeskin DrMartens have a hole in them :scream I love these shoes so was gutted when they broke but a friend said I might be able to get a leather patch (possibly a flower in a contrasting colour?) to patch them up. The hole is on the top of the shoe so it could work.

Any recommendations for how I go about finding something to patch with and actually doing the patching? Please bear in mind I am not remotely skilled (in anything, really...) but I make up for it in effort, according to my school reports ;-) Thanks!
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Re: Reparing Jeans and Docs

Postby realsLINshady » 22 Oct 2010, 18:47

The jeans I can probably help with - and I do have some old denim knocking around. IF you fancy popping round the ring road you can hack up some denim and use the sewing machine if you want!

Basically you sew a patch behind the hole and then stitch over the edges. The repair shows but looks fine on denim imo. Or you can then put another patch over the top - could be contrast cotton for example - to neaten it up.

As for leather - google could well be the answer.
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Re: Reparing Jeans and Docs

Postby SparklePetal » 22 Oct 2010, 18:50

I just patched my jeans. One pair has gone through in the knees (yep, crawling is a pain!) and presumably the other pair will follow suit soon. However the patch on those was on the seat as I fell downstairs and landed sitting on a glass I had been carrying. I don't know if it smashed first or whether my backside smashed it, but either way there was an anxious wait while DH probed the wounds for broken glass :scream ... and then I had jeans with little slits where I wouldn't choose to have them!

I was going to patch with colourful fabric scraps as they would look patched anyway, so no point trying to blend in. But then I found I'd saved an old pair of jeans to use the fabric on future projects, so I cut circles from those. The denim is a different colour, but it's the same weight and should wear and wash the same as the main garment. The knees were tricky, getting the sewing machine positioned, so if yours are skinny jeans that could be a problem. I just pinned the circles over the holes and then zigzag-ed on a very close setting like for buttonholes or applique. I used a contrast thread colour because they were going to be obvious patches so might as well have pretty coloured thread!

I expect you could do a perfectly adequate job sewing by hand if you have no (access to a) machine, but it would have a different 'look' to it.

Snow White was very pleased with me for doing this task as she had been telling me I had holes in my knees for several days!
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Re: Reparing Jeans and Docs

Postby fourweewonders » 22 Oct 2010, 21:44

i've manged to bust the crotch on three pairs of jeans in the last two weeks, dont think i can stick a patch there though :oops:
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Re: Reparing Jeans and Docs

Postby Svea » 22 Oct 2010, 22:16

i am afraid the only use i found for jeans with holes in the crotch area is to use the fabric to make trousers for M or to use it for other things, such as the mattress cover i made. you just cannot patch there...and if you manage to patch, they wear through again half a millimetre next to the patch. it's just hopeless.

as for knees, what lin said.
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