Badedas... Recommended for after giving birth...

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Badedas... Recommended for after giving birth...

Postby MummaQ » 11 May 2012, 09:46

badedas is the pricey bubble bath recommended for your lady garden when it needs soothing after birth... I bought it and it was about a tenner in tesco. I've had one bath out of it. Because of my butchered lady garden I wasn't allowed baths after birth as all my stitches came undone etc. I mainly have showers and baths are a luxury I don't have time for these days!

I think it's also good for muscles and relaxing and things too... It's just this is the one recommended at my parenting classes I went to. However you don't have to be preggers to have it.

If your interested in having it, I'll post it out to you. ... 212&sr=8-1

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