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Highly recommending the book "Oh Crap! Potty Training"

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2015, 00:25
by MamaKh
Even though I started the PT issue w DS 1 in April of 2013, I can now say that I only tried whole heartedly for the past 6 days and oh we are doing so well. I started seriously in June this year and he has been dry over night more or less since (of course I have done a tone of laundry) but very hard to get t potty or toilet, holding both pee and poo. Demanding diaper for pooing and preferred standing up pooing in our guest room. Works well as long as there are no guests in the house... :oops:

With some good help from my mother he got to pee on the toilet the past two weeks and then my mum sent me the link for the book above. I'm sure many of you know about it. It worked so well for us and I'd like to share. There is a blog
and an FB site with the same name "Oh Crap! Potty Training", and I got the book on iTunes for $8/£6.

So what's different? Well despite all methods the author states that it comes down to 2 systems out there:
1) rewards or 2) commitment and consistency. This book is about the latter. PT is described as a process that takes the child from Clueless to I peed to I'm peeing to I need to pee. The How to is broken down to 6 blocks.
1) DITCH THE DIAPERS NO TURINING BACK. Naked for 1 full day (or till they get it. Our job is to observe closely and catch every pee/poo midstream and lead the child promptly to the potty
2) as above but with clothes BUT no underwear
3) small outings
4) long outings
5) don't remember
6) Goign to college still needing a few prompts :)

The book is very child friendly, gives very good examples of how to speak to your child, to give them a break, good analogies like we didn't get upset or annoyed at our child for having accidents while learning to walk. With 342 pages almost all difficult situations and how to deal with them are covered. Recommended age is 20-30 months, younger or older are covered, Eliminination Communication and how to proceed from there to fully PT as well, how to deal with daycare (and their policies), Night training separate or at the same time. It teaches how to prompt but not nag. "I can see you need to pee, we pee on the tolilet or potty" and the Back Off etc etc. My withholding standing up pooper was covered as well and much more, even a Dads cheat sheet, to get them on without having to read the whole book (though that is recommend).

I must also mention we went in to this 6 days ago when DS1 had not pooped for 4 (!) days, from just holding it by will. Today he pooed twice on the tolilet, self initiated. So there is a huge learning curve and he is so happy and proud that he is a big boy now! I feel bad for not doing it sooner. And that really is one of the strongest messages, don't wait, when they are past 3 and you have a smart manipulative very own individual it can turn into a disaster if not addressed promptly. Well DS is 3y4m, and will strong. We were heading for disaster, so knowing what to do, what to expect, to be prepared, having new things in my sleeve, and firmly believing it is right to ditch the diapers I could be firm and calm and stand by the "You have stopped with diapers, you will now pee and poo on the toilet or potty" when he threw fits to get a diaper. (Giving in signals "I don't really trust or believe that you can do this").

So with tips from the book I've been amongst many other things making coconut smoothies and used lots of magic. I do a magic belly massage to help the poo fall down (classic clockwise, and I Love U), then there is the magic cream Pappa bought (Vaseline) that DS puts on the "poo door "him self, I cast a magic Tree Fu Tom inspired spell on the tolilet / potty using the foot file as a wand :D (the spell is in Swedish but includes squatting, the sound Ung-gha and words "gliding out" and "I'm great"). For the first few days we also had to use a magic key for the poo door (a suppository, Relaxit), it mystericaly appears in a magic egg (plastic shell from a Kinder egg). Though he hates to get the Supp, he is still extremely fascinated by it and wants me to get it and to check weather or not there is a new "key" inside. I'm now working on reducing the amount of magic and time needed for it to work :D it's weird of course but the actress in me is loving it and so is DS! .

Sooo, if you have any doubts or questions of how to PT I'm sure Jamie Glowacki and her Oh Crap! Potty Training can help you (no I'm not paid just super thrilled at how things have evolved).