Dry most nights- I need some advice.

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Dry most nights- I need some advice.

Postby Fish&Chips » 13 Jul 2015, 21:00

C was out of nappies since February. He was 2.2 and not really ready, but I was and it worked out great really! I was only putting nappies on when out but two weeks in I realised he is not weeing in them but waiting for us to get to wherever we were going and then going in toilet. So the nappies became a nuisance really. That was that.
He is still in nappies at night. He is dry most nights and often if he does wake he is shouting he needs a wee. Come to think of it it must have been out of my laziness that I was going up and telling him at night he's got a nappy to wee in... But actually I now think I should follow his cues and get rid of night time nappies too.
So - any advice welcome! He is still in cot bed and he loves it (sleepless night two nights back due to sickness bug- he slept with me and kept saying he can't sleep he needs HIS bed...). So he can't/don't get out of bed to take himself to the potty. He also sleeps in gro bag which makes it a little more fidly still. But all this I can live with ( I mean the fact I need to go up and help him out...). For the time being though, what bed protection would you use? The totally plastic sheets under bedding don't appeal to me. the spare bed mattress is covered in plastic and I just sweat like a pig if I need to sleep on it, it just don't breathe at all...
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Re: Dry most nights- I need some advice.

Postby ChristmasGift » 14 Jul 2015, 21:44

The Bab's mattress has plastic covering on one side and I just switched to using that side when she stopped wearing a nappy at night. It doesn't ever seem to bother her and means on the odd night she hasn't been dry, clean up is easy.
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Re: Dry most nights- I need some advice.

Postby DandelionFrosting » 14 Jul 2015, 22:58

It took me a long time to ditch the night diaper, even though Saurus woke up when he had to pee at night. Once he knew what he was doing, though, I never ignored him when he woke up and I thought he had to pee, even times when he didn't ask. I'd just take him to the toilet and then put the diaper back on just in case. The poor kid wore the same disposable diaper to bed for weeks at a time! I waited until he outgrew his Grobag to start putting him to bed in underwear. But I'm very lazy! ;) We also have awesome matress protectors with an absorbent layer attached to a flexible waterproof backing, but I have no idea if they sell anything like that there or where to get it if they do. Sorry, I'm not very helpful. If you put something thick over the plastic sheet, like a quilt, is it still too hot?
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Re: Dry most nights- I need some advice.

Postby lisbeth » 14 Jul 2015, 23:31

We've always had waterproof matress protectors on the cots/cot beds, which have a material layer with waterproof backing. When my daughter started spending lots of nights with us with nightmares I got something similar for our bed, and I've not really noticed any difference. They do need changing though if there is an accident, so I've also a wipe clean cot bed plastic cover for times when they are ill, and I might use that initially when DS starts going nappyless at night.
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