Hand holding please

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Hand holding please

Postby Kitcameron » 25 Apr 2015, 21:18

So, I've decided that once we get home from church tomorrow I'm taking SM's nappy off and putting pants on her, no trousers just yet, just pants.

She's been using a potty when bare bummed since last summer but didn't seem to understand not weeing when wearing pants/trousers. We haven't tried for a bit though and as its warming up I think now is the time, and she's a bit older so hopefully will understand better.

I want to start with just pants, no trousers, because it means less washing when things get wet and easier to get them off when necessary.

I'm starting tomorrow cos we actually have a free afternoon to be persistent at home before going out into the wide world, especially as I'm not sending her out with just her pants on lol.

If I start tomorrow she's at nursery Monday and Tuesday so they can do two days worth of training (is that mean?)

I think (hope) she'll get it pretty quickly this time round, famous last words. She actually took herself to the toilet the other night when dh was getting CM ready for bed and I was downstairs and she was running around naked being a monkey. I was very surprised when she came to tell me she'd had a wee in the toilet as her seat wasn't on. She'd managed to climb up onto the toilet seat and balance on her hands without falling in lol.

So now I just need someone to hold my hand and keep telling me its all ok and to stay patient with her. Eeka, what am I doing?
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Re: Hand holding please

Postby lizandimo » 25 Apr 2015, 21:29

Good Luck! I have no advise/wisdom, but am hoping to be where you are in a month or two!
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Re: Hand holding please

Postby mamapup » 25 Apr 2015, 22:51

Not mean at all to send to nursery. You pay them a lot of money! The puppy did his first day of training at nursery because that's when he wanted to start.
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Re: Hand holding please

Postby catkin » 25 Apr 2015, 23:00

Go SM & KC!
What's your strategy? Reminding, or just waiting and seeing what ensues?
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Re: Hand holding please

Postby Kitcameron » 26 Apr 2015, 11:36

My strategy was to take her nappy off after she'd had a poo as we didn't go to church, remind her to take her pants off when she needed to use her potty and say how great would t be to surprise her keyworker at nursery tomorrow with no nappy. Then wait and see.

Within half an hour she said she needed a wee and took her pants down before using the potty. Then she came to the toilet with me before we went to do the shopping. After our Aldi shop we had to go to Tesco so. Asked if she needed the toilet and she said no so we did the shop and headed back to the car. Should have asked if she needed the loo before we left Tesco too as she had an accident on the way back to the car. Oh well. I'll one better for next time. Now we're going out for a picnic so will probably keep ask for every half hour or so if she needs the potty lol.
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