7 weeks and still pooing in knickers - whispering - success!

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Re: 7 weeks and still pooing in knickers - whispering - succ

Postby pimento » 08 Mar 2015, 12:09

A very quiet YAY!!!
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Re: 7 weeks and still pooing in knickers - whispering - succ

Postby Kanga » 25 Mar 2015, 20:08

Just bookmarking this thread for comfort/inspiration.

Ds1 started training 10 days ago, had a couple of days of accidents, one poo on the potty, 2 days of no poos and another of accidents. Monday he did 3 poos on the potty & I thought he'd turned a corner (we heaped on praise & rewards).

Yesterday he was on & off the potty all day but didn't poo. He was getting more & more worked up & panicky and ended up screaming at us every time we mentioned the potty. He's been making a panicky noise when he needs to poo but when we suggested the potty he just got cross. In the end he wouldn't do it so I put a nappy on him. To his credit he didn't have an accident & to that end I don't think he'd have done it in the nappy anyway. He was in total denial with dh that he even had a nappy on! Anyway, in the end he was saying his bottom hurt so I put him in a warm bath & he managed to do it on all fours in the water (like giving birth!!!)

I was hoping with the pressure off today would be better & its been less panicky & less shouty from me, but still no poo! He keeps saying he needs a poo & its coming etc but won't actually do it. This eve dh managed to get him to sit on the toilet for a couple of stories but nothing. He's just squeezed out a little bit but then apparently stopped himself so skid marks on his pants/needing his bottom wiped but no more than that.

I know its early days but I am getting really stressed with it. I'd almost rather he have an accident than holding it & freaking out!
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Re: 7 weeks and still pooing in knickers - whispering - succ

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 25 Mar 2015, 22:41

((((Kanga)))) It's tough - really tough. You have my sympathies.

2 things that MtM said worked a treat for us. Firstly, putting her in pull ups in the evening if she hadn't pood yet. It completely took the stress out of clear up and stopped me from getting cross (as it was always while prepping supper so really unhelpful timing!!!)

The other - which might really help your LO, is to read while on the potty. It gave us such a break through with Pickle as she sat there, relaxed and distracted, and so the poo came!! We also pretty much ignored her, so she wasn't feeling watched or self conscious. Even now, several weeks after the big break through, she sometimes need the distraction. This evening, we were out for supper and she started to squat saying she needed a poo so I whisked her into the loos and I could smell she'd done something - turned out to be a tiny wiffet stuck on her bum. She said she didn't need to go any more (which I decided wasn't quite right) so we started to sing songs - and so the poo came along!!!

Perhaps, as he's withholding rather than having accidents, Pimentos suggestion of doing it in a nappy, then in a nappy on the toilet, then cutting out the middle etc might be a gentle way to progress it.

Just a quick not - is he drinking plenty of water? Just wondering if it's a bit sore, it could be due to that, which will discourage him in going.

I think at this stage, just try to find a way to make it as least stressful for everyone as possible. Although Pickle was happy to poo (in her knickers) it was so flaming frustrating having her disappearing off and doing it in her knickers every day!!! Remove the stress of the clean up and we regained our sanity!
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