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potty training woes

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2015, 21:07
by mamapup
We have begun. MrC is driving me freaking insane and the puppy has no tell for wees or poos, which makes things hard. I thought boys played with their willies when they need a wee. Does this mean he has no idea? Does that matter or come very soon? He tells me he is weeing or pooing but that's obviously too late.

Yesterday he was amazing even out of the house but I suspect that I happened to be lucky in telling him to go to the loo at the right times. Today, under MrC 's watch there were two poo and three wee accidents. MrC hasn't told him to go to the loo, he just asks (says he will tell from now as.I have told him he has to).

MrC is trying to say we have to put a.time limit on when we expect to see improvement or we.stop. I'm generally pissed off with MrC at the moment but suspect we may have to do this. The puppy is fairly willing but has no clue. How long do we give this? It's only been.five days but apart from yesterday it's not been great.

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2015, 22:10
by Kitcameron
I think if Puppy's willing id try and keep going, but I haven't had to clean up after SM yet in that department, well, only wees anyway.

No words of wisdom Im afraid. We started with SM over summer and she was fine whilst running around butt naked but as soon as you put pants on she just wets them. She doesn't even have any desire to get out of wet trousers once she has wet them so the fact if being wet us no deterrent from doing it again. We decided to leave it for a bit until she seemed more ready she does sometimes ask to use the potty, mainly after bathtime, and we let her obviously, and then we usually let her wear pants if she asks to until she wets them then we go back to nappies. We should probably make more of an attempt to let her wear pants and just sit her on the potty every half hour or so and ask her to try. I'm not sure what would happen if she needed a poo. She usually goes to hide so we could probably anticipate it and it's often at a similar time which helps. Maybe if we left her potty in her play house she'd have her poo on the potty.

Atm though it just doesn't seem like the right time though from other things happening.

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2015, 22:30
by mamapup
It's this whole every half hour business that gets me. How am I meant to persuade him to go to the loo that often? We have been doing every few hours but it isnt always working.little, clearly. It's not easy with little Croc around too. And he spends ages on the loo when we do get there because he really does want to try and wee.

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2015, 22:47
by catkin
Our limit was 2 weeks. Mouse took most of it - a dry afternoon out would have been out of the question for him at the end of week 1, and he'd basically cracked it by the end of week 3. I'd give it a bit longer, the puppy sounds more ready than mouse was and he got there.
(You may ask wonder why we started, but mouse was over 3 and had started deconstructing nappies within 5 minutes of them going on.)

And yes, it was every half hour for mouse, with accidents in between at times. But he could always produce that often (and still have accidents in between to start with). Does the puppy pee on demand if he does have a pee to do? If so then maybe something in between half hour and few hours would be right for him? Sitting round ages on the loo doesn't sound helpful either. Could you emphasize that it's fine if he hasn't got a pee this time and it's good he's had a check? Or is he set on the path once he's there?

Lots of sympathy, hamster was a few months when mouse trained and it wasn't fun, must be worse with a toddler. How about getting her on the potty at the same time, two for the price of 1!

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 03:50
by Treeb
Definitely continue with telling, not asking. And I would have him go more than every few hours, although yes every half hour is very frequent and tedious!

We started L in underwear in September. He still has occasional accidents, usually needs to be told to go, and only once in a while will actually tell us ahead of time that he needs to go. Even though I am the one telling him when to go I feel like it is worth it to avoid all those diaper changes!

We did start out asking him to go every half hour or 45 minutes but then started stretching out the timing of it as he got better at it. I now ask him to go approximately every 2 hours, and accidents are definitely much more frequent if I let him go 2.5 hours or longer. I also always have him go before leaving the house to go anywhere and before meals, unless he has just been within the last half hour. When we started out with it I didn't want the hassle of finding toilets every half hour while out and about so we would put him in a diaper if we were going anywhere. Now he only gets a diaper for naps, bedtime, and long car rides.

I don't think L always knows ahead of time when he needs to go, it does seem to catch him by surprise sometimes. He's getting better at it though and now will usually just pee a tiny bit in his underwear and then be able to stop himself and let me know he needs the potty.

I'd keep going if I were you, but expect it to continue to take some work and scheduling from you for a while before he starts taking himself to the toilet.

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PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 10:03
by mamapup
We have done every half hour this morning and.nothing yet, which sort of means we have to continue now until he does wee as one must be imminent! We make a big thing of just needing to check and it being fine if he can't wee. If he can pee he will, for sure. He's quite willing.

It possibly helps that he's wearing his spider man costume today and understands that if he wees in it he can't wear it again today!

No, it doesn't help, he's just weed. Poor boy. We were five minutes off going again.

We are.putting little Croc on the potty at times but it's a.hassle to u dress her to be honest!

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PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 10:25
by emzit
TBH, if it was me... I'd give up.

Muncher point blank refused (still does) to go to the toilet if he doesn't want to. Asking didn't work, telling didn't work, just lots of shouting even though he was he one who said he wanted to wear undies.

First attempt was aborted after 3 days because he just weed everywhere and never went near the toilet or potty, second time he just clicked after 2.5 days and that was that. He rarely has accidents and he now pees standing up. Just started doing it this week, he is FAR too little! I'm not ready for it!

Five days is quite a while for no improvement (in my mind anyway)... maybe see if the puppy is happy to stop and if he is, put it on hold for a bit? I think it was about 4 weeks between our first and second attempts so a short amount of time can make a big difference.

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 11:42
by Rosie_t_Riveter
It sounds like he's not ready. The no cry potty training book has a readiness quiz in it which is really useful. TheWriggler came out as very ready and he trained quite quickly (he was nearly 3) and TheBean came out as ready but only just at age 2 and a quarter. He took longer with more accidents but he got the basics after a few days. I'd really recommend trying the quiz and reading the pre-potty training preparation bit, there is lots of stuff you can do to prepare them for PT. You're probably doing most of them already but its a useful reminder. I would offer to email you a scan of the quiz but I have lent my copy to a friend. Good luck!

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 12:24
by mamapup
I have the book, I've read it, he's ready on everything except knowing he needs to wee. Nursery are keen and sure he's doing fine. I don't think I want to give up tbh even if MrC does.

He's happy to sit on the loo most of the time. Today, using a timer to tell him to go every hour we are doing well. Or at least, no arguments.

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 13:39
by StJuniper
P took ages to be able to tell. Like months and months. My 'training' helped him be aware when he was going and learn to space it out, but he was still not telling us, resisting going to the potty, and having accidents-- they were just further apart. So I took a long break, only talking about how when he was a big boy he would wear undies and per on the potty instead of wearing diapers, and asking him if he wanted undies every morning. When he eventually decided yes, he was instantly taking himself. I don't know if it was because he felt he had taken responsibility for it or because he was actually better able to tell, but some switch flipped that just wasn't flipping on my watch.

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PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 14:17
by DandelionFrosting
I vote for not giving up! Toilet training is a big change, and things like that take practice. After all, they've spent their whole lives up until this point getting into the habit of just peeing anywhere without really thinking about it. I don't think it's really that weird that it takes a while to get used to doing things a whole new way. I know if somebody asked me to suddenly become aware of something I was doing unconsciously -- say, I moved to a country somewhere where it was horribly taboo to scratch your nose and you had to go to a special room to do it -- it would probably take me months and months before I was 100% perfect at it. (I scratched my nose just now while I was typing about scratching my nose, and didn't notice until after I was done -- case in point!) But it seems like stopping and starting again would just be confusing and make it take longer. (I've only ever done it once, and I didn't try stopping to see what would happen or anything, so this is all just speculation, though.)

When we first started, Saurus also did a lot better out of the house than in it. I think maybe it was because he was just used to peeing in certain places in the house (in the k-room tower while he was washing his hands, every time without fail! and in front of the window, and this one random spot in the hall), whereas when we were out of the house he was already holding it unconsciously just because there wasn't anything around that reminded him of peeing. Even when he was still in diapers, there were a few times when I changed his diaper, we went out to the park and played for several hours, we got back home and I went to change his diaper again only to find it perfectly dry . . . . and then five minutes later it was so full it was practically falling down. I wonder if leaving the house could work as a strategy? At least if the destination was somewhere outdoors and/or with washable floors . . . .

X posted!

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 14:26
by UnhappyRightFoot
We started with Pickle a month ago and after almost 2 weeks, she'd only done 1 wee on the potty - which was luck rather than judgement and I was beginning to thing it was too early. Then, the last 2 weeks, she's had only 1 wee accident! (though she's not as good at nursery - more like 50/50 success to accidents). We started out asking her to go every 20 minutes, then spaced out to 30. Now, I ask when she gets up, once mid morning, before lunch, after nap, before dinner. But generally, she asks to go. She also doesn't wee during nap time and she was yelling at us down the monitor at 6.30 this morning as she needed a wee!!!

Poo however, is a whole different story - with only 1 success! We're even bribing with chocolate. She says the words (don't poo in knickers, don't poo on the floor etc etc) and then does! Soooooo frustrating!!!

So don't worry at 5 days. Give it more time - I would say at least 2 weeks. And don't ask if they need to go until much further along the line - like months, not weeks!! Just keep asking (insisting) that they go. Are you using any kind of reward?? We have a sticker chart and, to keep her excited/interested, she got a sticker for just sitting on the potty/being dry for an hour - anything, just to see a reward for doing something!

((((MP))))) Potty training sucks. I was thinking about it the other day. There are absolutely no joys in potty training. None whatsoever. The only good bit is the final result!!!

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PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 15:54
by mamapup
Thanks. Df, I agree, I think it'd be confusing, that's why I'm resisting mrC. Now we have started we have started, I think.
it's interesting, the puppy was weeing all the time he's clear clearly weeing fairly infrequently so I think that must be progress. He Seems to be holding it in but maybe subconsciously.

Hf, we have a.peppa sodding pig cheapo gift bag that he can have for his first day of no accidents, we have a spider man rucksack for ten days of dry. He gets a chocolate raisin for trying to wee and a marshmallow if he does a.poo on the loo. He's willing to try most of the time.

And yes, df, interesting that saurus was better out the house too. Gives me hope that Friday wasn't a fluke as we are going out tomorrow!

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 16:36
by catkin
*it's interesting, the puppy was weeing all the time he's clear clearly weeing fairly infrequently so I think that must be progress. He Seems to be holding it in but maybe subconsciously.*
I'm not sure if it's actively holding so much as getting out of the habit of actively dribbling. Mouse was a terrible dribbler. Hamster never was, which may or may not be to do with the EC-lite, but it certainly made potty training a lot easier for her.
Hamster was another one that was more reliable out of the house - I could take her out in pants for months before she was out of nappies in the house.

Re: potty training woes

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2015, 17:16
by mamapup
OK, fair point, but isn't that still good? His nappies were always always wet so I expected wees all the time but it seems to be every two to three hours, which, quite frankly, is better than me! Except I go to the loo.