Post them up and every so often I'll snaffle them and put them on the blog, if that's okay? It'll save you the trouble of emailing them to me. (It will mean you lose out on our charming personal interaction but I sense you can live with that.)


Postby bristolbased » 13 May 2009, 19:54

I realise I am going to sound like a complete numpt but how do you cook your carrots for your little un's? I have tried boiling, steaming and roasting and they never seem soft enough. I have tried leaving them for ages but nothing. Tonight's roasted ones actually ended up non-existent from over cooking.

How long do you cook yours for and what way?

Also do you cook peppers and if so same as above - how?

I swear I can normally cook but I'm too scared to let Squirt have my carrots incase a hard lump comes off. Or do they never get as soft as things like parsnips and sweet potato?
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Re: Carrots?

Postby Loubylou » 13 May 2009, 19:58

Yeah, they are a bit a bugger, carrots!!!!!!!!

I found it took a month or so for my LO to manage carrots that had been steamed for 45 minutes... that's a long time! The only fool proof way is roasting them we found.

Haven't bothered with peppers as even when roasted the skin is tough and they are slippery little things! I'm sure someone has found a way... :D
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Re: Carrots?

Postby Loubylou » 13 May 2009, 19:59

Oh just re-read your post. You said no luck with roasting??? How long did you roast for?
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Re: Carrots?

Postby Pics » 13 May 2009, 20:00

I'm sorry i haven;t roasted carrots for a while so can;t remember - but when i throw them in with a roast they have about an hour, split down the middle.

You can also cut them into batons and microwave them - just put them in a bowl with a tablespoon or two of water, cover with a plate and blitz them for about a minute (i t depends on your microwave and the quantity). At least with the microwave you don;t lose too much time experimenting!
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Re: Carrots?

Postby bristolbased » 13 May 2009, 20:12

I think I cut them too small when I roasted them as they came out like toothpics! I cut them into four. They can't have been in for much longer than 30 minutes at 180

I might try the microwave way and if that is still too confusing he can go without carrots until he's older!! lol
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Re: Carrots?

Postby shye » 14 May 2009, 15:24

i have had the same problem!!!! my mother-in-law, who only serves overcooked veg, steams them perfectly for him but i just don't have the knack!! we just avoid them unless at grandma's house!
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Re: Carrots?

Postby hazelireland » 16 May 2009, 13:50

I roast carrots, and do them on a low temp (160-170ish) for as long as poss without them burning. Id say 45 mins would be ideal. Then they go soft but dont lose moisture. Also, put lots of oil on. She has only just managed to have them, and she is 10 months now, upper and lower teeth have helped as now she can pull at them to pull bits off...
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Re: Carrots?

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 16 May 2009, 14:44

bristolbased wrote:Or do they never get as soft as things like parsnips and sweet potato?

I would say not. We have successfully give DD carrots from casseroles and stews where we boil the carrots first for 10 minutes then add them to the stew to simmer for over an hour. They are lovely and soft but not in the same way as parsnips or sweet potato get.
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Re: Carrots?

Postby ches » 16 May 2009, 16:59

I used to stew mine with a soup bone. I never managed to roast veg, so this was just easier. If I'd been organised I'd've turned the broth into a soup for us.
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Re: Carrots?

Postby SuzieQ » 17 May 2009, 20:39

I grate them and put them in pitta bread with grated cheese, which goes down really well. A bit of unsalted butter helps the pittas moisten up a bit.

Any good?
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Re: Carrots?

Postby smac » 18 May 2009, 13:27

In the early days of BLW I was always bunging carrots and broccoli in the microwave - so quick, easy and convenient. Yes by all means roast them if you've got the oven on for other things anyway but for quick fix definitely microwave!
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Re: Carrots?

Postby MumtoMonsters » 18 May 2009, 13:40

Never really had any trouble with carrots and we just cooked them exactly the same as all the other veg. Maybe just try to relax about them a bit as I'm sure they're fine really, it's just so easy to become fixated on things.

Just serve the peppers raw - straight from the fridge they're especially good for teething!
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Re: Carrots?

Postby smithyswife » 07 Apr 2010, 19:38

I microwaved mine in a spot of water today - from frozen - for 2 minutes - and they were probably too soft !

K x
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Re: Carrots?

Postby Heidi » 07 Apr 2010, 19:52

I roasted peppers yesterday and they were lovely. I left them in really big slices - much bigger than you think they need to be, and then covered them in oil and roasted for about 30 minutes. Kiera loved them - she pulled the skin off and mushed up the soft bit - yummy orange mess :D

I never got the hang of steaming or roasting carrots either, but as I prefer them raw that means I get to eat them all :wink: Thom also loves them raw, but he was a bit older when I let him have them (12 months or so? I think!)
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Re: Carrots?

Postby BacktoSaz » 08 Apr 2010, 08:42

I always struggle with carrots too - maybe because I like them raw but not cooked. If I do them in the microwave for about 4 mins they are still too hard - if I roast them for an hour they are both too hard & shrivelled :(

Peppers on the other hand are easy....cut them into slices & roast covered in olive oil. Yummy :D
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