Sweet potato and chickpea burgers

Post them up and every so often I'll snaffle them and put them on the blog, if that's okay? It'll save you the trouble of emailing them to me. (It will mean you lose out on our charming personal interaction but I sense you can live with that.)

Sweet potato and chickpea burgers

Postby yorkshirepudding » 30 Jan 2016, 17:01

Made these http://www.thesugarhit.com/2015/01/sweet-potato-chickpea-burgers-with-tahini-yoghurt-recipe.html today. I've been prodded into looking for some new recipes by the meal sharing thread, and trying to do them at the weekend to chill/ freeze as I don't like doing new stuff with small people pestering me!

They seemed like they would be too wet, I didn't put all my sweet potato in, but they cooked well, I started off on a low heat and then increased it a bit to get a bit of a 'skin' on. A nibble tells me they are very sweet, so I might use about 1/3 something else like swede or celeriac next time, but I think they will get eaten by the children which will be the judgement. 1/4 of the mix made 3 mini burgers suitable for little hands.
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Re: Sweet potato and chickpea burgers

Postby LucyLastic » 30 Jan 2016, 23:58

On a similar note, I made these spinach and pea falafels last summer. I didn't fry them on a barbecue - I shaped them then put them in the fridge to set, sprayed them with oil then baked in the oven at 180C for about 20 mins. Served in pittas with baby leaves, roast squash and peppers and yoghurt and mint sauce. C had the component parts on a plate (apart from roast peppers, which she really doesn't like). Really nice.
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