Granola dust (better than it sounds)

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Granola dust (better than it sounds)

Postby Lily » 03 Nov 2015, 22:04

Not an appetising name, I know, but this is really good. It's a Jamie Oliver recipe. Super baby-friendly and very versatile.

1kg porridge oats, 250g mixed nuts, 100g mixed seeds
Roast these at 180 for 15 mins, stirring halfway through
Add 250g mixed dried fruit, 3tbsp cocoa, 1tbsp freshly ground coffee (I left this out, there's really no need to caffeinate the kids)
Grate over the zest of a large orange
Blitz to a rough powder

This makes lots and lots! But you can use it in loads of ways. Mix with milk or yogurt; make porridge or a smoothie with 1:4 dust to milk; use to replace most of the flour in drop scones or American pancakes; make a hot drink with 1:8 dust to milk.
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Re: Granola dust (better than it sounds)

Postby Kanga » 03 Nov 2015, 22:06

Ooh sounds yummy!
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