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Sugar Free Banana Bread

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2007, 20:31
by Spottyshoes
All hail to my super baking friend for this scrummy recipe if she's reading this, hope you dont mind me sharing!

8oz Nana
3oz Raisins
4oz Flour
2oz butter
1 egg
1/2 tsp mixed spice

Rub in the butter & flour and spice. Add raisins. Whisk egg and mash in the nana. Fold the eggynana mixture into the dry mix. Bake @ 175 for an hour ish. Ta-da - dead easy

I usually replace a couple of ounces of banana with dried apricots and use nutmeg & cinnamon instead of mixed spice. Works really well.

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2007, 18:46
by AB&M
I made this today. It came out a bit like rock cakes. I used a standard round cake tin which was a bit big really for the cake mixture so my cake is a bit flat.

It also only needed 50 minutes cooking time - could probably have taken it out before then too.

What cake tin do you normally use SS?

Forgot to say, truly yummy! My first ever proper cake too :D :D

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2007, 15:27
by Spottyshoes
I've never made it into individual cakes tbh. I always use a small loaf tin its about 10inches by 5.

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2007, 18:53
by AB&M
This was yummy last week so I'm going to improvise this week seeing as I have so many apples & pears. I've had apple cake before so reckon I could add these in small cubes...

I'll let you know whether it works!

PostPosted: 22 Oct 2007, 20:54
by Spottyshoes
I havent tried it with pears, I do make buns with cooking apples in a similar recipe which are yummy. My mum has tried it with both peaches and pineapple (!?) and both worked well apparently

PostPosted: 22 Oct 2007, 21:20
by AB&M
The apples worked but I used a different tin so didn't cook it long enough! Seems a recipe easy to adapt.

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2007, 15:45
by Heidi's mummy
Ohhhh this is yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all loved it!!
Thanks xxxx :D

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2007, 15:48
by Spanner
Is it self raising flour??

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2007, 16:55
by Heidi's mummy
I used self raising, though it didn't raise much but was georgous!!! i making another one tom as every loves it and it's just about all gone, And i wanted to freeze some.

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2007, 19:50
by AB&M
I used plain and it was fine.

I've been making one every week with the bananas from my box. They are yummy!

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2007, 21:43
by Spottyshoes
Yes I use SR. I have started counting it as part of my 5 a day as there is a fair bit of fruit in and I eat it so often :oops: Handy recipe to have as we always buy bananas and then dont eat them!

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2007, 21:48
by Sheela
THis was really good......Hari and I got a slice each....and my pregnant sister.....polished off the rest....and is begging me to make more!

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2007, 22:43
by melfi
Made this today as well as the carrotty cheesy cuminy pittas. I didnt have raisins, so substituted them with chopped up dried apricot. Mcmoo LOVED it so did her nana!!

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2007, 09:52
by Fozza
Is that 8oz with the skin on or off?

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2007, 16:35
by Eleanor
Just made this and it's great! Piglet wolfed it (sorry, bit of cross-species mixing there). It only took 50 minutes though - possibly my oven's on the hot side.

Mae'r - I made it 8 oz peeled.