Sugar Free Banana Bread

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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby bearsmum » 01 May 2009, 22:30

well i finally tried making this and it's truly scrumptious!!! reckon i'll be making triple quantity next time as it hardly filled a third of my loaf tin. you can never have too much banana bread eh? thanks for the recipe and all the excellent amendments - i used bananas, raisins and cranberries but will be trying a whole variety of other things in it. yummy! :D
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby Evie'smummy » 26 May 2009, 20:50

I must agree with everyone else...extremely yummy!!!! Very easy to make too :D
Even my fussy little man of a 3yr old gobbled it down in 5 seconds flat!!
Will be making lots of this, although, when you know something is sugar-free and virtuous it just makes you eat so much more of it :oops:
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby Ms Prufrock » 31 May 2009, 20:15

About a million years after the rest of the world, I have just tried making this, and oh my god I was in banana cake heaven.
I make Nigella's banana bread quite often (er, more often than I should) so consider myself a little of a banana cake connoisseur.. but this recipe was totally amazing. I made a double batch - must have been feeling confident - and it filled my loaf tin. It was all I could do not to eat all of it up, instead I just ate up most of it, and sliced and froze the rest. As for Little One, she will hoover down as much as she can get her little mits on, so I'm guessing it's a hit with her, too.
I love the fact that this recipe gives a weight for the bananas, too. I'm so tired of looking at banana bread recipes that call for '4 small bananas' or the like, and wondering 'how small is small' and are the bananas I have medium or large, and should I therefore use 2, 3 or 3 and a half...
Anyone who's seen this recipe and not yet given it a go, I would recommend it wholeheartedly.
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby fluffica » 15 Jun 2009, 11:28

This is a favourite in our household too. Last time I decided to split it and cook it as muffins (20-25min) instead of a loaf, and it worked a treat. Most of them are in the freezer and pulled out as and when they are needed, and it seems that the muffins crumble less easily too. They're a great throw-in-a-bag snack if we're going out :)
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby mrsh » 18 Jun 2009, 08:04

Hi all,
Have only just really started BLW - tinkerbell is 6 months and a week...Well, after wondering what to do for brekkie, I came upon this recipe and OMGoodness, it is amazing (used banana and carrot), how satisfying that she flatly refused her ready brek (experimenting as she seemed not to like the oats in porridge...) and then happily chomped on a huge bit of this!

My only problem will be trying not to eat the lot while she's having her sleep (I keep saying in my head, no sugar no sugar and thinking this makes it ok to polish it off!!)

Will be sharing with all my weaning mums - and everyone else I know!

Thank you so much!
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby charedy » 03 Aug 2009, 10:30

Just to add my thanks for this fantastic recipe - a bit hit here. Also, was hosting my NCT group and babies (all around 8 months) - we always have cake so I made this for the LO's (and honey cake for the grown ups though they had a considerable amount of the banana bread too!). They are all Annabel Karmel-ing and just starting to experiment with finger foods but all the babies loved it. In fact, one of the mums was saying that her baby had been refusing anything with any texture at all, but since having the banana bread she's refusing purees and wants to feed herself all the time! Mwah ha ha...
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby roni82 » 28 Aug 2009, 15:22

Yummy!! Thanks for this great recipe! Very much enjoyed by all!

Roni :D
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby BacktoSaz » 22 Oct 2009, 13:24

This has become a staple in our house...but I made it yesterday in the breadmaker for the first time - and it worked! I refuse to turn the oven on for just one thing, and don't tend to cook with the oven, so I am very pleased to have this as an alternative :D

I have the Panasonic 255 and it took 60 mins for double quantities in the 'bake only' mode (but that was 45 +15, so I might try it on 55 mins next time, IYSWIM!)
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby Kanga » 23 Oct 2009, 08:17

How have I not seen this thread before?! Not usually a fan of banana things usually apart from bananas themselves but am going t give it a go as I'm sure dd will appreciate it! Have been uninspired about snacks recently too so this will be great!
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby Fozza » 23 Oct 2009, 10:30

Oh Saz thats a great idea. My breadmaker has a cake setting...I wonder if that would work.
Emmario, You are in for a treat. I'm not overlly fussed on banana things but this is good as its not sickly like most banana cake.
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby Kanga » 24 Oct 2009, 14:05

Well I've made some and now need dd to wake up to test it! I did it with apricots cos I don't have any raisins (and I'm not keen on them!) I'm still a bit dubious as it smells very banana-ery to me but I'll have to taste it and see!
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby WeexxLxx » 18 Nov 2009, 20:32

Hi, looking for some recipes to try, havent baked for years so will give it ago. Just want to ask - How ripe should the bananas be? and how much baking powder?

thanks xx
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby CherryPop » 22 Nov 2009, 00:14

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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby WeexxLxx » 25 Nov 2009, 20:46

Thanks cherry! Made it last night, it only half filled my loaf tin, so will try a double batch with a tsp more of baking powder!! It was yummy though, i ended up eatig loads!!! lol

I only had to give mine 45 mins too

Any more baby friendly recipes greatfully recieved!

Oh and any yummy ones for mum and dad?? xxx
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Re: Sugar Free Banana Bread

Postby Pagea » 29 Nov 2009, 21:14

WHY did I not make this before now? I've heard of the legendary yumminess of this since I don't know how long ago, but never got round to it. OMG it is SO moreish! And really tastes sweet without any sugar at all, genius! Best of all Rosie was happy to sit and "chop" the banana whilst I did the actual baking bit, which is better than her fighting me for the mixing bowl or me giving up and making something in the Magimix where she is reduced to pressing a button.
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