Cheese straws

Post them up and every so often I'll snaffle them and put them on the blog, if that's okay? It'll save you the trouble of emailing them to me. (It will mean you lose out on our charming personal interaction but I sense you can live with that.)

Cheese straws

Postby JBearMummy » 19 Mar 2011, 10:46

Fab recipe for cheese straws from Jennie Maizels - J chomps his way through them very happily - esp when dipped in hummus!:

100g flour
50g butter
75g grated cheese
1 egg, beaten

mix flour and butter together till like breadcrumbs
stir in cheese and egg to form dough
either roll out to 1 cm thick and cut into strips, or shape into long thin sausages
bake at 200* on greased tray for 10 mins

I also have made them half ground almonds half flour, to add abit of nutty goodness, and also substituted 2 cubes defrosted chopped spinach instead of cheese (needed to add a little more flour as spinack made dough stickier).

Do you think they'd work with gram flour?
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Re: Cheese straws

Postby fourweewonders » 19 Mar 2011, 16:45

no idea about the gram flour, but give it a go, even if they go wrong you'll have only lost about 50p of ingredients and 5 min of time.

We love these in our house, and i love jennie maizels book, i always lend it out along side the blw book as if to say 'look its really easy and heres even more recipie ideas.

Glad you posted the straws recipie as my books as usual are out on loan, got a batch in the oven right now. :D they're smelling lovely.
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Re: Cheese straws

Postby bellaroo10 » 12 May 2011, 13:45

Wow, I made a batch of these with a little bit of red pesto in whilst Bellaroo was asleep and had to make another batch before she woke as I ate them all.... She loves them too. Thank you so much for posting :)
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