Busy bags

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Busy bags

Postby Binkie » 04 May 2014, 22:14

Oh my, I have just spent the last hour looking at different busy bags and now my head is filled with lots of ideas for things to make! What busy bags have your children really enjoyed?
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Re: Busy bags

Postby Saerla » 13 Nov 2014, 07:58

I can't help with the question, just wondering what busy bags are? I googled them, but still don't quite get it! Are they just bags filled with toys?
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Re: Busy bags

Postby LucyLastic » 15 Feb 2015, 14:54

I *knew* I'd seen a post about these on here somewhere, but my search for 'activity bags' didn't return anything relevant and 'bags' was too vague. So, apologies for basically repeating this question in my post last night!

Binkie - did you whittle down your ideas to a manageable few? I spent much of last night doing the exact same thing and can't find many which hit a happy medium of providing an activity that I think C will enjoy doing and which also don't require loads of work or cash to make. They're not necessarily for taking out, but for filling some time, probably while I tidy away everything else she has emptied onto the floor!
I made one last night with some shortish lengths of bamboo tape with sticky tape round the ends (I hadn't got any short shoelaces so I improvised!) and cut up a load of coloured fat drinking straws (Ikea) into pieces about an inch long, to make 'bead' bracelets. I also like the idea of velcro dots on coloured lolly sticks for various activities. I guess I'll just have to keep trawling through Pinterest for other ideas!
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