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Cushion inners

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2013, 18:00
by salj1980
Does anyone have any recommendations for buying cushion inners/inserts/pads? I bought a couple from a local fabric shop a couple of years ago and they went really lumpy and horrible very quickly. I want to make some cushions as Christmas presents so want to make sure the inners are better quality this time.

Edited to add - I'd prefer ones that have a proper cotton outer, rather than the ones which are a kind of fluffy mesh, if that makes sense?!


Re: Cushion inners

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2013, 19:46
by SparklePetal
Feather ones are more meaty and have cotton covers.

Re: Cushion inners

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2013, 08:44
by salj1980
Thanks SP, I thought that might be the case.