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Swap shop?

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2013, 21:27
by Cait
I have a ball of . I cannot begin to tell you how far beyond my knitting abilities this lies. No, that's a lie, I can tell you exactly how far beyond me it is - it took me from Bolton to Bangor to cast on and knit half a row :oops: . I will be arrested the next time I try to enter the USA because my fingerprints have been permanently altered.

Would anyone care to do a swap for something a little more basic? Or you know, just give me a good reason to stick it in the post to you without bothering to swap?

Re: Swap shop?

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2013, 21:32
by AB&M
I made a cushion with that stuff :D

I have loads of wool. Are you after a particular colour or weight?

Re: Swap shop?

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2013, 22:50
by Cait
I guess DK. I'd take pretty much anything but old gold, dusky pink, deep pink or orange would be particularly welcome. Thanks x