Brother Sewing Machines?

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Brother Sewing Machines?

Postby Penny Le P » 08 Jun 2013, 09:50

Hello there!
I was wondering whether any fellow members have any experience using any of the Brother brand of sewing / embroidery machines?

In particular, I like the look of the Brother SE400. Not too expensive, well featured.

Any thoughts to share?


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Re: Brother Sewing Machines?

Postby Laura Tyewa » 08 Jun 2013, 10:27

I can't compare it to any other modern machine, but we recently bought a Brother Anniversary to replace my thirty-plus year old Singer, and I love it love it love it.
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Re: Brother Sewing Machines?

Postby Jelly Belly » 08 Jun 2013, 12:38

I have two Brother machines (one is Jones, which is a rebadged Brother) and both are around 30 years old. Can't comment on modern build quality!
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Re: Brother Sewing Machines?

Postby doodlesmummy » 08 Jun 2013, 13:25

my sister I both have brothers, both starter level ones. I bought one as it was what I was used to and has served me well so far, ditto for my sister. I have the limited edition xl5500 which I got on a deal a few years ago from sewingmachinesdirect and love it. As for embroidery ones, I have no experience, and tend to shy away from computerised stuff when I don't need it, as it is just another thing to go wrong!
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Re: Brother Sewing Machines?

Postby Penny Le P » 10 Jun 2013, 06:04

Hi guys, thanks for the quick response.

Brother machines are quite well regarded, eh?!

I had a look on the net to see some other reviews. This one here is good at showing some of the features that the Brother SE400 has.
People have got plenty of good to day about it over on Amazon, too.

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Re: Brother Sewing Machines?

Postby meerkatsmum » 10 Jun 2013, 06:29

See I don't sew anymore and was only a beginner when I did. I bought a brother because it was cheaper than a janome. My sewing teacher always said though than the extra money was worth it. If I could go back, I wouldn't have bought the brother. She didn't think very highly of them and certain things were much harder than they were on the class janomes.
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