Felt by the metre?

Because BLW isn't just for lentil-weavers. Some of us like to piddle about with bits of felt and sticky-backed plastic as well.

Re: Felt by the metre?

Postby Jelly Belly » 17 May 2013, 08:57

I rarely buy more than 2 metres of each fabric (rarely spend more than £30 in total) and they've always managed to be nice as pie. They don't even seem to get annoyed when I have to break off to ask the girls to wait a few more minutes for me. Feel bad now that you got a grump, but glad you found what you wanted elsewhere.
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Re: Felt by the metre?

Postby Morlyte » 17 May 2013, 11:03

Maybe they dont like incompetent people! I was a bit of a bumbling idiot, not sure what I wanted so explained it all to her lol!

Still, as they are nice and cheap, I would ring them again. :D
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