Learning to crochet from a book?

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Re: Learning to crochet from a book?

Postby TPM » 15 Nov 2011, 22:48

I don't know about that! The two hats I've made are far from perfect! I just looked at the pattern I wanted to make and then googled the stitch I needed to learn as I needed to learn it. The book I have showed me how to do a magic loop (a slip knot) and then a basic chain which i think is pretty much your basic start for most things, but I also found these on the web too so the book is def not essential. Then I just googled 'half treble crochet stitch' and the like until I found something that made sense. Sorry I can't be more help, I found so much and looked at so much that I'm not sure I could retrace my steps and get the links that helped. It's also remarkable how much you can just fudge it. I'm sure - in fact, I know - that I didn't do my Owl eyes the way KG instructed me to do in the pattern but I somehow made two reasonably similar looking circles!
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