Hello and help!

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Hello and help!

Postby rebeccahazel » 29 Aug 2016, 16:50

I've got a little monkey of nearly 8 months and we've been doing BLW (with the occasional bit of spoon feeding porridge and soup) since 6 months. After a bit of non starter couple of weeks, he ate well, trying lots of stuff. Things have come to a bit of halt the last couple of weeks though, and all he'll eat is some fruit - mainly nectarine and strawberry with the occasional pear slice! Is this normal?!
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Re: Hello and help!

Postby ches » 30 Aug 2016, 06:04

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Re: Hello and help!

Postby Treeb » 30 Aug 2016, 11:43

Totally normal. They all go through phases of eating and phases of hardly touching the food. It could be teething, the start of sickness, a growth spurt that makes them just want milk, or just boredom with the "game" of playing with food. Just keep offering a variety and he'll start eating more again when he's ready.
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Re: Hello and help!

Postby onepinkladeee » 01 Sep 2016, 08:58

My little one (7.5 months) has just done exactly the same. We have noticed her top two teeth are coming through, not sure if thats making it uncomfortable? Anyway, yes, apparently its normal. They go through spells of eating and not eating. No doubt he will start again soon =)
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