New to BLW questions: Finger food and eating together

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New to BLW questions: Finger food and eating together

Postby CAShilst » 03 Aug 2016, 12:47

Hi all. Apologies for asking what are probably the same questions as all about-to-wean mums ask but I've read the Gill R book and I'm still slightly lost. One of the things I like about BLW is that the whole family eats the same thing. But I'm not sure that the type of food we eat is conducive to starting BLW. We tend to eat lots of stir fries, risottos and mash. I can easily make these baby-friendly in terms of their ingredients but they're not exactly finger food. Would it be best to change the type of food that we eat for a little while so we have dinners that are more readily picked up with fingers. My little ones are premmie so their dexterity isnt what you'd expect of a term baby. I also like the idea of eating as a family but the girls sleep from 12-2pm and go to bed at 6:30 (and are very happy with their routine) which doesnt tie with our adult mealtimes. I'm happy to alter ours a bit but to alter enough to fit in with their routine seems huge. Advice very much appreciated! Thank you
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Re: New to BLW questions: Finger food and eating together

Postby qbm » 03 Aug 2016, 19:59


I think stir fries sound fine - lots of pieces of veg, maybe use sticky rice for a while. You can get low salt soy sauce too. Mash should be ok - easy to lift big handfuls, though prepare yourself for the subsequent cleaning! Risotto should also hold together well and you can put plenty of chunky veg in it.

Go for it!

In terms of eating times. Go with whatever works for you as a family. They won't be in that routine forever so do what works now!
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Re: New to BLW questions: Finger food and eating together

Postby Cofa's Tree » 03 Aug 2016, 20:32

I agree with all qbm says! Don't worry about fitting in every meal into your family routine - just eat together if you can and at some point it'll all come together! Do you (or could you) manage breakfast with them? Take that as your starting point and just enjoy sitting with them at other mealtimes even if you aren't eating yours yet, or if they are still awake, have them sit with you when you are eating even if they've already eaten. Good luck and please do ask if you have any more questions.
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