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Hi! 11mo BLW but not going well

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2016, 17:39
by TheNorthumbrian
Hi all,

We've been BLW my DD1 since 6 months and she is now 11 months. On good days she will eat 'enough' but she's been going through fairly long periods of not eating much and has also dropped all but 3 small milk feeds. I am getting a bit concerned about her getting enough vitamins and minerals when she's not having much milk. We also now have the problem of constipation to contend with. I didn't ever think I'd have a picky eater as neither my husband nor I were picky eaters but we're having definite issues with quite a few foods she would probably be ok with if I'd have fed her mush.

She doesn't like veg full stop. I can't get her to eat pasta.

She does like:
Quiches, crumpets, frittatas, cheese sandwiches, fish fingers, yogurt, homemade apple sauce, porridge and peanut butter on toast.

Have any experienced BLW veterans out there got any suggestions/reassurance/meal ideas to get her to eat (and also to beat constipation)? I'm avoiding bread as much as possible but sometimes it is all I can get down her and with the reduced milk intake, I feel she SHOULD be having something over having nothing.

The Northumbrian x

Re: Hi! 11mo BLW but not going well

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2016, 18:03
by Lily
Welcome! You sound really worried but honestly, pickiness at that age is perfectly normal and not worth getting stressed about. My first was super fussy, only really liked carbs, dairy and fruit for ages, and even now he's not a huge veg fan, but at 4 he's perfectly healthy, tall and strong.

Try not to show her if you're concerned, offer her a little of whatever you're having even if you're sure she'll reject it, and don't worry if she doesn't eat much. I'd stop offering bread unless it's part of your shared meal, especially since she's constipated. She won't starve herself; if she's hungry she'll either eat or ask for more milk. Give her a multivitamin drop if that will help you to relax. As long as she's healthy, happy, not losing weight, and meeting milestones, she's fine!

Re: Hi! 11mo BLW but not going well

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2016, 19:16
by TheNorthumbrian
Thanks Lily! That's really good to know that I'm not the only one. She does eat a LOT of fruit (and I push the berry fruits as I know they are low in sugar), which I know helps with constipation etc. I suppose I'm a bit stuck in the sandwich-for-lunch rut, though I've cut bread down to once a day and I'm going to cut it out this week to see how she goes (and buy a few prunes!). Honestly, who knew this parenting thing would be so anxiety-inducing?! :wink:

Thanks :)

The Northumbrian x