Choking / gaging

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Choking / gaging

Postby Margarita112 » 01 Jul 2016, 11:53

We are 7 months and because my LG hates mushed food we started today BLW. She has got two teeth she does grab the food and bring it to her mouth and she also choked at some point which got me really scared. What should I do to make sure she's safe. I read that she must be sitting down safely, chunks should be fist size and soft so she can chew with naked gums and best foods are zucchini potato sweet potato green breans coliflower brocolli carrot chicken beef in slices.also do be sitting with her and showing her how to chew. What else can I do to keep her safe I'm scared. She's also constipated and EBF. Thank you mommas
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Re: Choking / gaging

Postby mamapup » 01 Jul 2016, 12:51

Best thing is ensure you know the difference between choking and gagging. You clearly know there is a difference but do you know how to tell which is which? Babies have a stronger gag reflex than do adults. It's a safety mechanism to keep them safe when they're learning how to eat.

If your lg really choked she'd be silent and probably look a bit scared. If she's gagging it'll be noisy and messy as she sorts herself out. It can be scary to see but really shouldn't need intervention. I remember a GP (and mum) friend of mine leaping up to try and help my seven month old when he gagged. It seemed she didn't realise the difference and thought I hadn't noticed him choking when in actual fact I was watching to see what he was doing and how he was handling the situation because I was sure it was a gag not a choke.

So, do a paediatric first aid course if you don't feel safe yet. But you'll relax as you both get used to the process.
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Good luck and feel free to ask as many questions as you need.
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Re: Choking / gaging

Postby Lily » 02 Jul 2016, 08:17

Try to relax, and she will learn in her own time. You'll see that she starts to gag much less as she gets used to eating. As mamapup said, choking is very different from gagging - there's no need to intervene if she gags, it's normal and not dangerous.

At 7mo she can safely eat almost any food. The only things to avoid are round shapes like whole grapes or cherry tomatoes, which are a choking hazard, and honey, which carries a small risk of botulism. Keep salt and sugar to a minimum, too. Soon she will learn to pick up small objects so you won't need to worry about the size of the pieces. And don't worry about teeth either - gums are very hard, and once they learn to chew babies can manage all but the crunchiest foods even with no teeth.
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Re: Choking / gaging

Postby Margarita112 » 03 Jul 2016, 21:09

Thank you very much mommas. I have also read that is best to avoid purée and BLW in combo as it can be dangerous for them. Is it true?
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Re: Choking / gaging

Postby EnigmaFish » 05 Jul 2016, 21:14

I've never heard that, and I can't imagine why it would be true: by six months, most countries' guidelines say to introduce finger foods alongside purées. This is essentially what you would be doing if you do a combination of purées and BLW.
It's worth considering as well that purées have a very low nutritional value. They are mostly water. If you want to offer some foods on a spoon, why not try something a bit more substantial? Porridge or Greek yoghurt are two things that we had great success with in the early months.
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