BLW with first baby!

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BLW with first baby!

Postby haylzstonez » 01 Feb 2012, 10:43

Hi Mummys!

I've decided (or should i say, we - haha) to do BLW with our first child. Hes just over 5 months and we were going down the usual route of pureeing etc, but gave up as he wasnt very interested and i didnt think he was ready, was more interested in grabbing the spoon himself! Hes very good with his hands & can sit on his own too! I've tried a few things with him, banana being a firm favourite (we tried him with this before we even tried porridge, which is probably why it always goes down well!) I've also tried carrots, pear yesterday (got bored V quickly with that one) and sunday i went & bought farleys rusks(banana flavour) and i can see these becoming a favourite aswell.Oh,and toast! He loved chewing on that. I got a bit stuck after that, i suppose theres a limited supply of finger foods really (dont really wanna go down the 'family meal' route yet, my brain isnt ready for the mess that will ensue :\)

Obviously as hes not even 6months yet i'm not too fussed on how/when to do things, just trying out odd things here and there. Its quite hard to get him in a good mood when hes not tired/due a bottle etc! Also the 3 of us still live with my mother and stepdad, which is a trial in itself :| Cant wait to have my *own* kitchen so that i can make & prepare things for him properly! oh and have the bloody room to put things! :)

Hayley (& Ronnie!)
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Re: BLW with first baby!

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 02 Feb 2012, 16:37

Hello and welcome! Have a look on the recipes part of the forum - loads of good ideas for finger foods there. Pancakes (sweet potato ones and banana ones) and oat fruit bars (called something like organix apple and raspberry bars) have been favourites with us. With timings, we just always offered whenever we were eating if it was convenient (if he was awake, meal suitable etc) and not worried if / when he missed meals.

Have fun!
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