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Re: Forumites: mod volunteers and improvement suggestions he

Postby emzit » 17 Apr 2016, 18:13

Cofa's Tree wrote:Happy to post this on the fb page as well if it's appropriate to have the debate there, but I think we need to have an honest conversation with Aitch about the future of this site. I've offered numerous times to help mod (as have you, and others, EF) and am more than happy to put my name forward again. However, Aitch has (obviously) moved on interest-wise now her girls are older and I believe there are running costs involved in keeping this site online. I donated the previous three years (was a bit too busy this Christmas!) but does Aitch honestly want to keep the site going? Is she happy for us to take it forward or would she rather the site quietly died down, particularly as blw now has a watered-down middle approach promoted by health visitors in the UK so is there a need for this site anymore, or is it just a social meeting place for us, in which case, is it fair to ask Aitch (and Jem?) to put time and effort into keeping it going for us? Just thinking out loud, but I know if I was Aitch, there wouldn't be much desire to put any effort/time/money into this place... But from a personal point of view, I don't want it to stop!

This. I was coming to post this on a much more cynical tone.
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Re: Forumites: mod volunteers and improvement suggestions he

Postby EnigmaFish » 17 Apr 2016, 19:29

I guess that I always figured if Aitch wanted to close down the site/ forum, there's better ways to do it than just let it die a slow, painful death. Site hosting and domain registry cost money, so if it's time to let the site go the best way to do it is by cancelling the subscriptions. I don't want to speak for her, but I would guess that Aitch doesn't want to shut the site down, she just has more important things to do with her time these days.
Does that then mean that we need to find somewhere else to call our "home"? If she does want to close it, then yes, in the long-term we do need somewhere else.
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Re: Forumites: mod volunteers and improvement suggestions he

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 17 Apr 2016, 20:28

Please don't send me to Mumsnet!!! They're mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Forumites: mod volunteers and improvement suggestions he

Postby robyn » 17 Apr 2016, 21:25

She absolutely doesn't want this place to die, and is working to sort out the issues, Hang in there....
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