Twin boys are 7 monts old ...

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Twin boys are 7 monts old ...

Postby Soniaworks » 25 Jun 2015, 21:51

Hi There,

My twin boys are 7 months and I introduced solids to them at 5 1/2 months. One of my boys had bad acid reflux and would sometimes choke on his brought up milk so I decided to go with purees, rice cereal, and organic baby food. I would really like to start BLW but now I'm even more scared because I have read that babies that were introduced to purees first have a higher tendency to choking. :( Is there any recommendations you can make to a mom who would love to do this but is very scared. And suggestions to what foods too introduce? Right now the boys still are taking their 8 oz bottles at 7/11/2/6pm.
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Re: Twin boys are 7 monts old ...

Postby EnigmaFish » 27 Jun 2015, 20:49

The best recommendation we could make would be to do a first aid course. Knowing how to recognise choking, and what to do if it happens, will greatly reassure you.
I don't think that TW babies are more prone to choking. I think they are used to swallowing their food without chewing. When they come into contact with food that needs to be chewed, they gag.
At first, cut pieces quite large, so that they have to be chewed. Choking hazards for BLW babies are things which are the same size as their windpipe. (Usually, about the same size as your pinkie.) Grapes, hot dogs should be sliced lengthwise. Whole nuts are too hard.

Give them whatever you are having for dinner! Don't expect them to eat very much, or to start dropping bottles straight away. Just have fun.
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