Sorry I used the K word!!

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Sorry I used the K word!!

Postby DandelionFrosting » 21 Sep 2013, 04:24

Hello! I'm really sorry to bother you, but I lost a long post yesterday, and I've suddenly realized that it had the dreaded K word in it, which means there's a chance it might still exist. It was a reply to my most recent thread. There isn't by any chance something like that hiding among the spam, is there? And if there is, is there any chance it could be resurrected? (If it's not there, then I guess it really was lost and I'll have to try to rewrite it.) Thank you and I'm sorry and I'll try very hard not to do it again!

P.S. I tried to PM the mods, but it kept telling me those users do not exist. I've never actually tried to PM anybody before; is there something I'm doing wrong?
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Re: Sorry I used the K word!!

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 21 Sep 2013, 08:11

How are you trying to PM? The easiest way is to click on the person's name and click the PM button. If you go to your messages you have to use the search function, whenever I have tried to just type in a name it hasn't worked.
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Re: Sorry I used the K word!!

Postby shye » 21 Sep 2013, 08:13

Whenever you do it, we get a notification. I'll go have a look.
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