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Re: Site downtime

Postby Disco » 24 Nov 2011, 20:26

congratulations indeedio! :D

Thanks for the warning.
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Aitch » 24 Nov 2011, 20:31

i chose my words carefully... she has been HORRIFICALLY sick. she's a puker.

AND YES CONGRATULATIONS TO JEM! and haven't we all dreamed of moving to Hemel Hempstead?
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Re: Site downtime

Postby PerpetualMadness » 24 Nov 2011, 21:24

Congratulations, Jem! :-)

And :scream at the downtime. Do you mean I have to talk to husband? ;)
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Re: Site downtime

Postby marchemum » 24 Nov 2011, 21:30

Congratulations and I'm glad I came on here tonight to see the "bad" news before I worried and though I'd been abandoned by everyone. I suppose I will just have to get on with my work and, as a last resort, like PM, talk to DH!
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Kanga » 24 Nov 2011, 21:40

Congrats Jem :D

For one night only I will count myself lucky that I am also suffering with first trimester exhaustion & have been going to bed at 9pm, 9.30 latest!!
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Nix » 24 Nov 2011, 23:12

Congrats Jem! Do be gentle with our forum won't you! We kinda love it! And you for fixing it of course!
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Re: Site downtime

Postby twilightfan » 24 Nov 2011, 23:48

CONGRATULATIONS JEM, sorry yr feeling sick tho :( & Thank GOD I looked at this thread to read about site down time
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Re: Site downtime

Postby AB&M » 25 Nov 2011, 04:21

Aitch wrote:i chose my words carefully... she has been HORRIFICALLY sick. she's a puker.

AND YES CONGRATULATIONS TO JEM! and haven't we all dreamed of moving to Hemel Hempstead?

Its not that fab there but I am close :wink:

Congratulations Jem so pleased to hear that your feeling awful for a lovely reason. Now dont go being sick all the way through like some of us fools!
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Re: Site downtime

Postby 3KiwiChicks » 25 Nov 2011, 04:41

Oh! Oh! Oh! :D :D :D CONGRATS! Brilliant news!!!
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Re: Site downtime

Postby KatGoldLIN » 25 Nov 2011, 09:33

Congratulations! (and sympathies from one puker to another)
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Tintin » 25 Nov 2011, 10:01

Congratulations Jem! :bsmile
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Seriously_Nutty » 25 Nov 2011, 18:38

Oh dh's luck might be in on saturday then. Swoi here we go......

And huge congratulations to our techie wizard, I hope the second trimester is a breath of fresh air for you!
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Jem » 26 Nov 2011, 15:24

Bangers&Mash wrote: Now dont go being sick all the way through like some of us fools!

Been there, done that - just glad it's not hyperemesis again!

Thanks all :D :D

Just a reminder - this is tonight (sorrrrry)
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Re: Site downtime

Postby ToothFairy » 26 Nov 2011, 15:26

I'm just hoping Elsie sleeps through tonight, otherwise how will I keep myself awake with no forum?
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Re: Site downtime

Postby Turtle'sMammy » 26 Nov 2011, 15:36

Tonight! DH is away! How inconvenient. :o Good thing he's gone for 3 nights. :wink:
Congratulations Jem :bsmile :bsmile
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