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Toddler friendly getting me away from MIL activities.....

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2014, 07:26
by GHJingle
.... In the Stourport, Kidderminster area.....

That are really cheap to do, very entertaining, exhausting enough for a jet lagged almost 2 yo whose Nana says she has to sleep on the laundry floor because she can't be arsed to clean out a bedroom for her (she will be on a travel bed not on the actual floor... DH and I will be on the sofas), but may also be suitable for spending time with very ill FIL?

..... not asking much am I!

Re: Toddler friendly getting me away from MIL activities....

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2014, 07:30
by pirate_han
I'll come back to this later after a think as it's about half an hour from me.

You can always meet B and I if you need a break! :)