Easter holiday house swap anyone?

...people to see. Well, not really. More like 'we went to the Umbrella Museum in Ashby de la Zouch and it was GREAT.' If there is such a thing, that is.

Re: Easter holiday house swap anyone?

Postby Mummyto1 » 10 Feb 2014, 07:08

Disco wrote:
RedRum wrote:
Mummyto1 wrote:Ah man! If only we had a house to offer you Kat! I would kill for a bit of farmyard living in Scotland! Alas, even the house we are moving to is only 2 bed until we complete our renovation works...

This! Two bedrooms and a recording studio anyone?!

Maybe one day either of you can swap with us, we'll fit into two bed house, and are only a few miles from Kats...

April isn't exaclty winter up here. You wont need winter tyres, but It'll probably be cold. Barring any freak spring heatwaves which isn't out of the question but you certainly can't plan for it...

Would love to swap one day! I will have to remember this for when our new house is sorted.
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Re: Easter holiday house swap anyone?

Postby scotrail » 10 Feb 2014, 08:58

I'm so jealous of you guys as I am *DYING* to go on holiday.. Unfortunately, going away at Easter would mean I'd need a house with a built-in birthing pool and a midwife... But so up for this once my nipples stop bleeding after baby is out ;)
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