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But London people, I also need advice..

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2012, 21:37
by scotrail
We're going to London so I can try on wedding gowns Yiihee (I know this is ridiculous, but when I lived there I always imagined I'd be able to get something not polyester, which is the option over here apart from probably wool). However it's the first time we'll be travelling with our Boll who is now one as of yesterday and a bit more demanding than last time we went and she was 4 months and just slinging all day.. aw those were the days..

Anyhoo, my question is, where to stay, and preferably not too expensive? All my fave hotels in London are all boutiquey and romantic and no good for babies and family budgets.. :oops: Of course, having seen that recent house swap thread I will look after anyone's house and cats for free. Only Zones 1-2 though :wink: We don't need anything fancy for a hotel, just fairly central but quiet and not costing ridiculous amounts, harder than it might seem to find that!